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First class redemption on Emirates - PER to CDG, then AMS-KUL


Junior Member
May 30, 2019
Hi All

I just redeemed all my qantas points for first class to Europe, on Emirates and I want to make the most of this. On the way back I have to fly into KUL because there isn't any availability to get to Aus. I have only had the chance to fly business (<5hr trips) on a handful of occasions, so this is super exciting for me. I was fortunate to find availabiity during this peak holiday season in Australia. I have a few questions.

1) I have deliberately chosen a long connection in Dubai, so I can look around Dubai and use the first class lounge. Flight from Perth arrives 1340 and flight out is 0300 the next morning. The alternative is a short 90min connection in Dubai. The qantas booking guy said I have to take my luggage and re-check if I am leaving the airport in Dubai, as they don't want a situation where I somehow miss my next flight and have to look for my bags to take off. Then I have to probably leave them somewhere in short term storage and re-check in when I return to airport. Has anyone just left the airport and come back before the next flight without bothering with collecting and re-checking baggage? I will also have the day in Dubai when I fly to KUL.

2) on a long stopover, am I allowed to chill in the first lounge or is there a rule e.g. access only 2hr prior to flight? Can I access the lounge before I leave the airport?

3) Any tips on a short visit into Dubai? I read that Australians don't need a visa for 30-day entry.

4) can you keep the pyjamas they give you?

Any other suggestions welcome.


Established Member
Jul 2, 2014
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Well done finding the award availability!
(1) The booking guy is talking rubbish. If you don't need your luggage in Dubai just make sure it is checked all the way through when you check in in Perth.
You should be given boarding passes all the way through as well so you won't need to check in again. I have left the airport many times in such circumstances.
(2) There is no time limit on F lounge access while in transit.
(3) Yes. They don't reuse them.
Have fun!
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Mar 28, 2014
Go into Dubai and/or go for transit hotel.

Over 12h in the F lounge? No thank you. Yes it is huge. Yes it has showers and food and ample places to sit around.. but honestly more than a few hours and I reckon you'd be bored out of your head and IIRC there aren't day rooms or private places to have a nap for a few hours (I may stand corrected on this).

That's just imo.

And yes you can keep the pj's, amenity kity etc from the flight(s).

Enjoy the on board shower (assuming you have A380 legs in F!) and bar and the flights!


Junior Member
May 30, 2019
My plan was to definitely go into Dubai, maybe hit the beach/do touristy things. Main question is whether to sleep on they plane or just stay awake and enjoy the amenities

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