Extra points and credits vs Airport Taxes

Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by lovetravellingoz, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. lovetravellingoz

    lovetravellingoz Senior Member

    Jul 13, 2006
    I am a newcomer so apologies if this has been dealt with before, though I have seen many strings and have not seen it.


    One of the tips I have read is that you can pick up extra points and Status Credits by deviating through other airports.

    Points Calculators - Earning Points
    Route: Melbourne - Adelaide - PerthClass:Discount EconomyStatusBase pointsCabin bonusStatus bonusTotal pointsStatus creditsPlatinum1,718-1,7183,636*30Gold1,718-8592,977*30Silver1,718-4302,648*30Bronze1,718--2,318*30
    Route: Melbourne - PerthClass:Discount EconomyStatusBase pointsCabin bonusStatus bonusTotal pointsStatus creditsPlatinum1,682-1,6823,364 20Gold1,682-8412,523 20Silver1,682-4212,103 20Bronze1,682--1,682 20

    and say more attractively
    Route: Melbourne - Canberra - SydneyClass:Discount EconomyStatusBase pointsCabin bonusStatus bonusTotal pointsStatus creditsPlatinum441-4412,000*20Gold441-2212,000*20Silver441-1112,000*20Bronze441--2,000*20
    Route: Melbourne - SydneyClass:Discount EconomyStatusBase pointsCabin bonusStatus bonusTotal pointsStatus creditsPlatinum439-4391,000*10Gold439-2201,000*10Silver439-1101,000*10Bronze439--1,000*10

    However I also read on atravel agents site that airport taxes are charged for EACH airport (and that for example Sydney is an expensive airport).

    I have checked out a few different domestic routes...and so far the route via another city has always been more expensive, especially for say rdiscount fares (which I am most likey to use whether work or myself is paying).

    So the question is will the airport taxes (ie having to pay for a second or third airport etc) always mean that this method will always have extra costs? Have some forimits seen deals (remember that I only searched last night) that have the same cost???? or are even sometimes cheaper (I guess for example this would definately happen if QANTAS say only offers red deals on indirect flights and none on the direct flight...but does it happen where they have red edeals on all routes??)

    Now if say as per above you pick up 1000 extra points and this is say worth $20 to 50 depending on how it is redeemed..one could be makinga los plus spending longer getting from A to b...by going thru C.

    I do undersatand that the SC however may be most useful to someone just short of levels.

    ADDITIONAL PERSONAL BACKGROUND (as I note that forumits often ask what an individuals circumstances are).

    Back in the Ansett days I used to fly fortnightly.and was a platinum...but loss all that lifetime Sc I had built up (if they had them and I can't recall).

    I have changed jobs now and so now only fly say 4 to 6 return trips domestically for work.

    We would noramlly fly for at least 1 QLD holiday per year, sometimes 2 (unless that year like this year I have rdeemed for an OS holiday)

    I am just back from redeeming 325K points for Melbourne to Bangkok with Sigapore to Melbourne asa return fora family of 5.

    As I have 3 daughters I tend to just redeem for interantioanl flights these days for all of us in economy (ie last trip prior to that was 500K for 5 tickets Cairo return, though prior to that I had redeemed for Melbourne to Cairns or Proserpine including some Business. So while yes I know that upgrades are better value i prefer to have all 5 of us going rathervthan just myself(or just my wife and I. as my daughters are aged 9 to 15 this will be the status quo fora while.

    My main points accumalation currently is via CC rather than flying..which I change from time to time to maximise earn or to grab FF bonuses.

    ie I geta free Altitude and AMEX with my Westapc Professional Pack loans (though yes their is $300 fe, but there are no bank or mortgae frees etc) and have just taken out the Qantas AMEX to get the 7500 bonus points (15K as I had my wife get one too).

    This is boosted slightly by some hotel stays for work when flying, but as I do not fly much this is nota lot.

    I used to get free Qantas Club as my former employer paid for it. But on changing jobs lost it.

    However my wife is Telstra Employee and gets cheap QC membership (last time was about $200 to $300 for 3 years)..and so I can get cheap spouse QC to.

    Dates must coincide and so as we were heading overseas recently I paid the pr-rat $80 fora part year..which was great as this meant that all 5 of our family could use the QC (lol yes I have noted the other forumits comments on kids, but mine are old enough to not run riot). And tax deducatable.

    Next renewal will cost me about $200 before tax...so I will go for it again as this say means an after tax cost of say $5 to 15 per flight (and occasionaly my kids gain benefit too).

    Current lifetime Status credits: 980
    A total of 7,000 lifetime Status credits is required for lifetime silver. So after having lost my Ansett staus back when I was reallya frequent flyer....it is not worth my worring about lifteime silver sats (though I have read the AA strings with interest)

    In summary my current strategy is to focus:
    ** on gaining FF points and to not be too worried about gaining SC as I will not be ever near a yearly barrier (until a year when I actually pay for an overseas ticket and yes ina few years I think I will purcahse a RTW ticket)

    ** to gain lounge priveleges via cheap QC membership

    So I am like all here chasing FF points, but unlike most am not worried about SC (or should I be????) and am very open to any nw ways to get more points.

    Which takes me back to the start of this post....can I gain FF points by taking indirect flights on discount tickets when available on both the direct and indirect routes at a cost LEES than what the FF points are worth.

    ie The fares below would cost me more $ than they are worth as FF(and yes I know that some forumites can just have their employers pick up the tab...)

    ie Melbourne to Perth Directs is $199, via adelaide is $240 and via Sydney is $295.

  2. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    The extra cost on MEL-ADL-PER is more about Qantas charging fuel levies per sector than just with the aiport taxes. That is, most of the additional cost via Adelaide is due to the fuel levies.

    As most flights from the east to Perth seem to go over Adelaide the increase in points from going via Adelaide is not that great (although in the case of MEL, the 1,000 point minimum on the MEL-ADL sector kicks in the make it look better). For SYD-ADL-PER the number of FF points is only a couple more that going SYD-PER. The primary advantage of going MEL-ADL-PER is that it yieds more SC (30 versus 20 in going direct)

    Realistically, it is an individual call as to whether there is value in going indirectly.
  3. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
    Flight Map:
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    Generally the airport taxes for domestic travel are pretty cheap. The killer with a multi-segment routing is the fuel fines imposed by the airline (not the airports). For Qantas domestic flights, this is now $37.60 per segment. This fuel fine has made multi-segment itineraries much less attractive than they once were.
  4. lovetravellingoz

    lovetravellingoz Senior Member

    Jul 13, 2006
    Thanks for that.....

    So unless the deviation is quite huge (which then also means a time penalty which would make the smallish amount of extra points not wortwhile) The $37.60 per segment fuel fine (pus airport tax) would in most cases be more than the points are woth.

    ...and in my case SC are not much use.. (ie my after tax cost of $100 ish to get QC is a better tactic)

    and so while I will keep my eye out now I am unlikely to usea multi segment in Australia.

  5. NM


    Aug 27, 2004
    Flight Map:
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    indeed that would appear to be the case in your situation.
  6. Kiwi Flyer

    Kiwi Flyer Senior Member

    Sep 24, 2004
    Welcome to AFF lovetravellingoz :)

    You have put a lot of thought into the analysis. I also happen to agree in your situation it would not appear to be worthwhile chasing extra legs just for the points or status credits. There may be other reasons however, such as a better schedule with a connection.
  7. lovetravellingoz

    lovetravellingoz Senior Member

    Jul 13, 2006
    #7 lovetravellingoz, Jul 19, 2006
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2006
    Thanks for the compliment....and the welcome...and the advice.

    I enjoy forums such as this that are full of good tips and which make one think.

    I just wish I had found this site years ago when I actually was flying a lot (and staying in hotels a lot)....but was flying ignorant.

    My first few overseas trips (on Thai and Qantas) which were holidays were down with me not being a member at all of any programs

    I only signed up with Qantas when I changed careers about 18 years ago and started business travelling, but only occassionally.

    Then on gaining promotion and perks such as a free company paid Golden Wing Membership I became an Ansett FF Member and while yes I took bonus points were I could..ie the Diners Card was excellent as were pints from hotels, I did not really put much "tactical" thinking into 1/ earning points and 2/ on redeeming them.

    Though having said that I have redeemed about 1.5 million points which is probably not too shabby for someone that has never earned any points for any overseas trips apart from 1 Qantas Flight to Fiji and another to Bali. My main slice of luck there was redeeming 500k of points from Ansett just 2 weeks before they went under and Singapore Honouring the redemptions even though I was not flying till the Cec after the collaps. phew!!!

    Initially I reedemed on Melbourne to far north queensland, which was not too bada use and was particualrly good when used to detour back from the great Barrier Reef via Ayers Rock for no extra points :)

    While I cannot do anything about the lifetime status credits lost by ansett going under I have realised after only having joined this site that I could have been (and will be) a lot more strategic in my decisions.

    I am for example eying off a RTW tcket for say a major overseas holiday in a years time or two and will now plan this to maximise benefits.

    So this site has opened my eyes to be more strategic...and even though schemes and points from CC are not what they were having visited this site I will earn more points in future.

    I also like the non-points idea to have several overseas trips by bookinga RTW...but also buyinga couple of other connecting flights to convert it into two trips.Something to think about.

    Another idea from this site is if I get the RTW, to perhaps just upgrade some legs to Business where I will get maximum benefit such as a sleeping leg, but putting up with cattle class at other times.


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