Discussion/Q&A on Best QF Status Run Options


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Nov 25, 2004
Click HERE to view an article on this topic collaboratively compiled by our members using the (now retired) Wiki.

This thread is for Questions and General discussion regarding the Best Status Run Options for QFF as per this thread:

Overview of Best Status Run Options [not the discussion thread]

Please keep your questions and queries to this thread and avoid posting in the other.
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Dec 1, 2015
With a DSC promo you might have 4 days or so in which to book, so you have to keep a look out for the promo. When a promo comes along you need to register for the promo and then start making bookings. To maximise the chances that the DSCs will credit automatically it's important to wait to make bookings till after midnight GMT on the day the promo starts (I usually wait an extra day after that before making bookings, but that's just my personal preference).

It basically comes down to which routes happen to have a good deal for indirect routes at the time of the DSC sale. It just so happened that the DSC promo earlier this year coincided with a good sale to NZ. With another DSC promo it could be that the pricing for trips to NZ are not as attractive and a domestic trip or a trip to a different country makes more sense if you don't mind where you go and are just looking for value.

If you intend to go somewhere anyway for a holiday or work trip that also affects whether a particular route is a good deal or not.

DSC doesn't necessarily need to be J either. For some needs the cheapest Y fares may be sufficient when doubled to help retain status or level up to the next tier especially if you have several trips to book or have already done a lot of flying in the membership year.