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Jan 7, 2011
Click on 'Your Store' at the top and then make sure 'Free Delivery' is selected instead of 'Click & Collect'. I had the same problem until I made this change.
Its a bit poor that you cant select delivery in the cart, did finally work out how to change it under store location.

Ordered 6 bottles, free delivery, $10 off and cash back.


May 23, 2017
Had some of the 2012 Brookman merlot from WA and it's a coughper! Should have listened to other mates that returned theirs.

Nose was okay initially. Slight "ash" on the nose with an overpowering alcohol smell after 30 mins to never left. Very savoury taste / dead to non-existent fruit. Hollow middle. Acidity high and unimpressive tannins. Marginally improved after an hour but overall it's like sucking a disposable silica drying bag and hard to get the taste out of your mouth. Still have some and will let you know tmr if it improves.

I'm guessing WA has all the returned stock from O/S that's been heat damaged or something.
I haven't received mine yet. It is coming from Gold Coast not WA.