Coronavirus (COVID-19) Panic Buying?


Jul 13, 2006
Indeed, I get the impression Aussies are too busy emptying supermarket shelves to go on holiday!
cheers skip

Not at the supermarkets I frequent. And at Costco, when don't shoppers here have full trollies?

I think it is more that hand sanitiser has a run on.
I don’t get the toilet paper thing. I get food. You can’t make do without food. But toilet paper? Worst case scenario use some old rags and stock up on laundry detergent!!! :eek:
Hard to see any value in over the top stocking up on everyday stuff for the moment.
We may have a difficult period when the numbers start to really ramp up in a month or so.
The manufacturing and supply chains may then be disrupted, how much is moot.
The run on dunny paper is bizarre imo
Not sure why the fasination with ridiculing Trump or bringing US politics into this regardless of political bent...I'd find counting the number of sheets on the 284 rolls of dunny paper I just bought more interesting...🤪
Ok, Covid 19 approved toilet paper... ;)


Honestly, why toilet paper? If it were a rotavirus pandemic, maybe I'd understand.
My local Woolies in Sydney
No toilet paper, or even kitchen paper
No hand sanitizer, liquid handwash stocks also low.

Toilet paper ran out Mon, hasn't been restocked
Laughing aside, this panic-buying is probably the first real effect that the virus has had on every-day australians. Sure, some have had travel plans disrupted, but going into an aussie supermarket and seeing the dunny paper aisle empty is quite confronting.

Perhaps this shows the power of the media to drive things. There is absolutely no other logical reason these shelves are bare....
The PM is on the dunny paper situation and all eyes turn to Adelaide to come through for us

Toilet paper and disinfectant makers boost production amid coronavirus panic buying concerns
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After a recent hoo-hah about local councils no longer providing soap in public toilets, I expect, given "beautiful" human nature, that people will be now stripping them of their daily ration of paper.

People are really creatures subject to sudden hysteria and panic. I remember in Gympie some years ago we had a flood there - so the "south" or western half of the town, was cut off by the Mary River. This only lasted a couple for a few days, but when one of the first vehicles managed to cross, a delivery vehicle for a bakery, it was stopped on the road and set on by people who in an ugly crowd ripped off all the bread from the truck!! This was only after a couple of days!!
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On a ”tight ar_se” radio segment the other day, someone rang in and said they by 4 ply Toilet rolls And separate into 2 x 2 ply.
Ah they are going by the new James Bond toilet paper grading system - 007, 006 and Goldfinger..... or another -0 Soft, Supersoft and erk Sorry that's schoolboy humour at its worst but hey I don't get many opportunities to dredge them old jokes up!
I don't think it's panic buying worrying about things running out. It's people preparing to have enough provisions to self isolate for at least two weeks if things deteriorate and/or social distancing is imposed. Hope for the best, plan for the worst...
Just to get ahead of this discussion, it is my impression that some aspects of modern life make us very susceptible to short-term supply problems. On the one hand are the customers, who live lives where they are used to every product being available instantly at their whim. On the other side are the sellers, who due to sheer tweaking of the logistical side manage to run retail outlets with almost the exact amount of stock on hand that will sell in a 24 hr period. They can do this because of the automation of the logistical / ordering process, where by shop closure in the evening the replacement stock needed can be rallied from a central depot and picked and shipped for shelf stacking prior to the next morning's day of trade. Sheer perfection in a logistical sense, and minimizes costs from floor and storage space. But when things go a tad wonky, such in a panic buy of toilet paper, this combo of both people never having any margin, and retailers not either in their stores, the things we see today with bare shelves can appear almost instantly.

(We, as a family, are as guilty as everyone of this situation - from time to time we run out of dear old dunny paper, even though it is a thing that is used everyday, it is not perishable, etc.)