Claiming GST Back

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Mar 22, 2005
The issue becomes if we buy anything overseas other than clothes and shoes. Other stuff like watches and other items that i purchase need to total under $900 otherwise i need to declare and may have to pay back the GST on the items i claimed on the way out.
Customs does not need to know what you purchased overseas.

And yes we have had this debate on AFF many times. They have no idea you just bought the $3,000 watch overseas. And if you don't say anything they won't ask. And no I wouldn't have any guilt what so ever.
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Feb 9, 2014
I will tell you a story, to see how tough they are.
A lady from China took some jewellery out of Australia, on departure to China.
She must have claimed back the GST, the jewellery was very expensive.
She came back to Australia, and they popped her or pinged on her return.
She was dumb enough to bring back the receipt, and the packaging of the jewellery.
The jewellery was hard to find, but it was on the person.
She in the end got pinged, can't remember how much.
Either declare it, and be honest, and be prepared to pay duty/GST on it being re imported, or leave it in India.
They can be very strict, you know who I mean, boys and girls in dark blue, on people from that side of the world, I should know, every time I go to Singapore/Malaysia, and come back, I get pinged.
Coming back from NZ, no problem.
Please don't make it harder on entry, no food, no unreported items, as an Australian Citizen, you can use Smartgate, and usually, with that, you are not pinged, unless they want to bring up their tally numbers.
99% of the time, with Smartgate ticket, and incoming pax card, (with nothing to declare), they let you through quite quickly, unless they suspect something.
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