Citibank approval process

Discussion in 'CitiBank Rewards Program' started by BenMika, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. BenMika

    BenMika Newbie

    Aug 22, 2006
    Just received a message from Citibank saying we had received provisional approval for a Gold MasterCard.

    They just said they'd need to verify some details with me.

    Just wondering what kind of info they're likely to ask (just so I can be prepared).

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


  2. ksthommo

    ksthommo Active Member

    Jul 4, 2004
    Most likely the 100 point identity check
  3. BenMika

    BenMika Newbie

    Aug 22, 2006
    Ah, OK. Thanks for that.

    Thought they might start an inquistion on finances, etc.
  4. oz_mark

    oz_mark Enthusiast

    Jun 30, 2002
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    I had an issue once where they were just following up a problem in verifying my income.
  5. one9

    one9 Active Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    You may be asked to verify the information you provided.

    eg. to supply a pay slip to verify the income you stated on your application.

    Beware of Citibank: They are quite good with their marketing, offers and signing people up for products, but not so good at anything else.
  6. sphinx

    sphinx Newbie

    Aug 26, 2006
    just curious, how long does the whole process take, usually? I applied a silver last Friday.I will be travelling in three weeks and I want to use it on my trip. Enough time?
  7. ric_melb

    ric_melb Active Member

    Dec 16, 2005
    In my experience although they have "pre-approved" the card they don't have enough details on you. So they will ask you to verify details such as address, time there, employer and income. Income had better be over the minimum for this card or they won't aprove it. May also need to do 100 point check.
    In regard to issue seems to take about two weeks.
  8. one9

    one9 Active Member

    Sep 14, 2005
    Please let us know what information they required. Was it just copy of payslip? Or more detailed?
  9. The 100 point check is usually done OTC at an Australia Post office for Citibank, after the card is issued. You take your docs there and they verify them and notify Citibank.
  10. sphinx

    sphinx Newbie

    Aug 26, 2006
    for me:
    1. conditionally approved right after online submission.
    2.citibank contacted my company's HR on the 3rd business day. Asked me to fax them my last payslip (the only thing I provided before receiving my card)
    3. finally approved the card on the 5th business day (receiving an email notification)
    4. received my card on the 7th business day. activated the card over the phone immediately. The card is now working.
    5. got another letter for 100 point check on the 9th business day (the card will be suspended if you spend over $1000 without 100 point check done). Did it OTC at a post office.

    pretty happy about the whole process.
  11. BiziBB

    BiziBB Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    Sydney's bushy north
    I'm on Day 5 and almost at step 3. HR dept was requested to provide my employee details on Day 4 and I received a phone call to advse a written answer on approval would be arriving in 3-5 working days.

    Phone person did not have access to advise if it was approved, and said I could not find out electronically. This person had to correct themself mid-sentence from 'good morning' to 'good afternoon', so despite possibly being Filipino, I'm not really sure which call centre she called from.

    I hope to also get an e-mail confirmation, so fingers crossed. Maybe I'll have the card in a week?
    (ANZ's 60 second approval for a $20k Gold Visa was much more pleasant!)
  12. nagelixin

    nagelixin Junior Member

    Oct 12, 2006
    BiziBB - how long did it end up taking for you??

    I am on day 4 but only on step 2. They also said that it is now going on to get the final approvals etc and that will take up to 1 week???
  13. speedbird

    speedbird Newbie

    Nov 30, 2006

    By the sounds of things, you all got your card by the 5th working day, well I had applied earlier this month for a CB plat, was conditionally approved straight away, which reflected on the website. Then before xmas got my TPIN by snail mail, but still havent got my card. Called them up and was told that the card was issued on the 11th dec and posted on the 12th dec. Any comments on this unusual delay? or is it standard ??


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