Cellarmasters - 40.00% Cashback ( Capped at $50.00 )

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Feb 12, 2008
I’ve never shopped there myself but I’m sure some of you have could make this cash back work combined with some of their clearance items. The terms don’t specify a start or end time/date but it appears to be for today only just going by some of the language.

If you’re new to the cashback game, be sure to follow their instructions to ensure a successful tracking.

I recommend avoiding cellarmasters cashback. They denied my 20% cashback despite it correctly tracking (i.e. not my error).

It correctly tracked the time, value of purchase and cashback amount and I even got the “your latest purchase is tracking” email but then cellarmasters denied it on the basis the transaction was not “attributed to shopback”.

To Shop Back’s credit they paid the $40 to me anyway as a courtesy.
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Hi Goldmember, I jumped on this offer (40% off) on Saturday at midday and followed all Shopback instructions when purchasing but haven't received a purchase tracking email yet which makes me think that it hasn't gone through. I know there can be a time-lag with these things having used both Cashrewards and Shopbackover the years but I'm not feeling very confident, if anyone reading this thread has experienced the same delay let me know....
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