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Nov 6, 2002
Hawaiian used to do last minute deals on Bus Class SYD - HNL - SFO price was $641 each from memory - You need to be a member of their FF service to get the offer - it was usually about 6 weeks out from a flight when they would go up. Haven't done it in over a year but was easy peasy. Oh and Bus Class on Hawaiian isn't that hot, but hey - nice dividends.

I didn't think you got SC's on Hawaiian???? I'd be happy in being corrected as I have a flight later this year with Hawaiian.


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Apr 2, 2012
Bringing up an old thread here, but better than creating a new one, right? :)

Considering a DJ status run to get me to gold this year. I'll need 60 SCs by the end of the year (23-Dec) before they start dropping off the rolling 12 month counter.

Looking at the current domestic 30% off sale, being based on Sydney, and not wanting to waste too many days, thinking:

SYD-MEL (saver) - 10sc
MEL-OOL (flexi) - 30sc
OOL-SYD (flexi) - 20sc

I'd put a couple of hours between each flight to make sure any reasonable delays don't cause issues. With the current sale I can earn those 60 SCs in ~$300 ($287 + card fees?), or about $5/SC.
With the current sales that are on, being based in SYD, looking to do it all in one day (at most a whole weekend) does anyone have any way that'd do it for less, or smarter?

Not opposed to actually going somewhere for a weekend rather than just spending a whole day on a plane too (the earn on SYD-PER flexi with the sale is mighty tempting but it is a long way away, and I only need 60SCs...
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