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  • Hi, thanks for that. I tried sending you a PM. Hopefully you received it . If not send me a PM of away to contact you and I'll do that. Thanks.
    Hey mate not a problem at all - noone else has replied in the thread and I'm happy to help!!

    Do you have any experience with the Pier or Wing F lounges (i.e. which you'd rather go to?)
    I was gonna check out both at some point but am not fussed about which one first etc.
    Am just flying to SGN today (currently in a very ordinary Lotus Lounge in DAD ha!) but will be back online tonight.

    PM me some way to contact you offline? I won't have cellular data in HKG but I assume HKG airport has plenty of WiFi - email, WhatsApp, iMessage are all fine by me?

    I'll be arriving into HKG off the other flight so assuming that's on time I should be there nearly 4hrs before CX111
    Hi, I saw on the lounge meets page that you could guest someone on at hkia tomorrow before cx111 back to Sydney. I'm actually on that same flight and am looking to be guested into a lounge. Mainly just for the shower. Are you still looking to guest someone?
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