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Answered Any downsides on the Diner's Club Lounge access?


Junior Member
Jun 28, 2015
Would love to get two more additional cards for the kids who are under 18. Any one know if they allow you to have two supplementary cards in the same name or just request a new extra card with printed initials and family name so that they match the boarding passes of the kids for free entry?
After being stung SGD$50 for my then 7-year old daughter to enter the lounge in SIN, I phoned Hyundai Card and asked if I could get an additional DC for my daughter. They asked her age and then laughed when I told them and said no. Academic now as Hyundai Card no longer issues DC. I guess you could make a mistake with your child's age as a mate of mine got a Gold AMEX (1990s) at 16 after catching his father with not his mother. Pretty sure they require ID now though.

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