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Annual Fee for Platinum

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Mar 14, 2006
Hi all, I have a question for everyone about the annual fee for the amex platinum. I have seen on this website some people quote that there annual fee for Amex Plat is $900 and I was wondering if anybody else is charged this amount as my annual fee is $395.00 I have had plat for about 2 years.
I still get all benefits and thought some of you may be getting ripped off and you may want to follow up.
Have good weekend!!!


Jun 30, 2002
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There are two American Express Platinum cards:

  • The credit card, which has a standard annual fee of $395 and gets the free domestic flight
  • The charge card, which has a standard annual fee of $900, and includes a complimentery credit card
These are two different cards with two different sets of benefits. You can compare the two by using the American Express "compare or cards" page.
American Express Australia - Compare Our Cards
Credit cards which earn frequent flyer points is a popular way to earn frequent flyer points. You can receive thousands of points on everyday spend. And, many of these cards offer generous signup bonuses! Compare to find the credit card that best suits your needs.

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