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An Average Qantas Wine Batch


AFF Supporter
Jan 21, 2010
Hi all,

I have been purchasing Qantas Wine for a year or more now with really good results. However, the last batch has been a problem. One bottle was literally undrinkable and the rest have been average to say the least.

Remember the days of milk being left in the sun? The first two bottles were a bit like that. OK but really tart. But the third, as I say - undrinkable. This was a mixed case so lots of different sources, all reds.

Taking QANTAS Wine at their word - or at least what I thought they offered - I could return wine if it wasn't satisfactory, I called.

So, a phone call has resulted in a refund for the bottle that was so undrinkable I still have it. The others my wife and I had drunk despite the poor quality.

But not being willing to run the risk of another, especially if we had guests, I asked for my money back and happy to return the remaining bottles. But no - because it is a mixed case then they have so far regarded it as an single isolated case. (I should have said I couldn't drink several of the bottles!!)

I'm not an extreme wine buff which is why I like QANTAS Wine but this feels like roughies with fancy labels. I will continue my argument with the higher ups at QANTAS Wine but I wondered if anyone had ever had similar experiences and/or suggestions for resolution?

I must admit my previous purchases have been well worth it for me and great quality - as well as the bonus points - but the attitude with this one has turned me right off.



Active Member
Aug 5, 2004
I usually cellar mine can you please tell me which brand it was so i can check if I have it.


AFF Supporter
Jan 21, 2010
I don't have them now but it was a Feb offer:
Of the 4 bottles that were tried all were poor but I do know that the Ross Hill Isabelle Cabernet Franc Merlot 2017 was the worst. I have to stress though that it may be something to do with how the case was stored because I have never had this experience. It doesn't mean it happened to everyone!
It has also been resolved happily with QANTAS Wine.


Jan 29, 2010
My Map
I had a Shiraz from the Easter reds pack that was similar. A lot of sediment and just tasted "off". We couldn't finish the first glass and went with one from another box that we knew was good.
I'll have to get in touch and try to get a refund on the bottle and hope the others are better.

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