Card Promotions AMEX Explorer - 240,000 bonus points w/$3k spend, $395 p/a, $400 travel credit

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Is there a minimum credit limit on the card to qualify for the bonus please? Does a 5K limit still qualify?
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Applied on the weekend. No comms from Amex as yet. Seems to be taking a while. Maybe a sudden rush has overwhelmed them before the end date. I don’t remember cc applications taking this long.
Anybody with a recent experience of buying gift cards qualifying for the $3K spend necessary for the bonus?

Also, any recent experience on government spend getting points, please.

(Thinking of the WOW gc offer of 20 points on Apple cards).
Some of our staff qualified in time on the bigger offer. Some were ineligible.
How long does it take for the bonus sign up points to hit?
Did my first month of payment a week ago but it still hasn’t hit my account
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