AFF Gathering #17 in BNE on 18 - 20 October 2024


We're pleased to announce that the 2024 AFF annual gathering will be held in Brisbane, the sunny capital of Queensland!

The weekend of Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October 2024 has been chosen for the event. As per past years, there will be a welcome dinner on the Friday evening, optional activities on Saturday and a main dinner on Saturday evening. There may also be an optional activity on Sunday in the late morning.

All AFF members (and +1's, etc.) are welcome to attend. Most people usually fly in on Friday afternoon and leave on the Sunday afternoon/evening.

Your lead organisers for this year's event are @NM and @QF WP. Other Brisbane-based members are also welcome to volunteer to assist.

We'll update this thread over the coming months with more information about the planned activities, dinner venues and costs, which we expect to be similar to past gatherings. There will be a $5 registration fee per participant, plus the cost of any activities and/or meals that you choose to join.

For now, please feel free to let us know in this thread if you think you'll be able to make it! For those unfamiliar with the AFF terminology:

  • "Platinum" means you're planning to attend and have booked flights/accommodation
  • "Gold" means you're likely to attend but will need to confirm at a later time
  • "Silver" means you're unlikely to attend at this stage.
  • "Bronze" means you're unable to attend.

The AFF Leadership Team can provide support in terms of money collection and distribution, and editing this thread as needed. If something needs to be updated, please simply report the post with the update so anyone on the team can action it (starting a conversation only alerts one person).

We're looking forward to seeing you all in Brissie!
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Considering the numbers we're getting here, I wonder how decent a discount we could get if we looked at group bookings for future AFF gatherings.

We looked at that briefly for Launceston (we had 36 attendees in the end) but its a fair bit more work for the organisers and you can't tell where people will actually want to stay (loyalty memberships etc) so can't promise the numbers to the hotels.
This post is reserved for the attendees list.


#UsernameArrival date/timeFlight #AccommodationActivity #1Activity #2Departure date/timeFlight #
1NM +118/10, 5pmNM BusFour Points by Sheraton20/10, 3pmNM Bus
2QF WP +1
3craven moreheadThe Sebel Brisbane
4RooFlyer18/10, 12.15pmVA1393The Sebel Brisbane21/10, 1.05pmVA950
5I love to travel
6serftyIbis Styles
7boxo17/10, 10.40pmFJ923Adina on George23/10
8Bindibuys18/10, 11.10amQF1964Four Points by Sheraton20/10, 6.50pmQF1967
9drronBy carWestin
11sprucegoose18/10, 10.45amQF1254The Sebel Brisbane23/10, 5.10pmQF1261
12straitman18/10, 5.25pmQF126The Sebel Brisbane21/10, 10.55amVA324
13Sue Oz18/10, 5.25pmQF126The Sebel Brisbane21/10, 10.55amVA324
14Matt_01The Sebel Brisbane
15Dantas18/10, 5.50pmQF62620/10, 7.15amQF611
16jxv +117/10, 1.30pmQF61622/10, 2.15pmQF629
17patrickw (+1/2?)18/10, 6.35amQF500
18ScenicbumblebeeBrisbane local
19Hvr18/10, 1.20pmQF616Holiday Inn Express20/10, 4.15pmQF633
20Ade18/10, 10.30amQF125220/10, 5.15pmQF545
21MattgThe Sebel Brisbane
22DejaBrew18/10, 10.35amQF512The Sebel Brisbane20/10, 5.15pmQF545
23goldcoasteagleBrisbane local
24FishFoodIbis Styles
26Deno +1Brisbane local
27PrezRegan18/10, 5.55pmQF1875The Sebel Brisbane20/10, 9.05amQF1874
28bPetebBrisbane local
29Doug_Westacott18/10, 1.20pmQF61621/10, 12.40pmQF1267
30Mr_OrangeBrisbane local
31Bjet18/1020/10, 5pmVA
32dsdavidc18/10/24Brisbane localYesYes
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PLATIUM - Yes I'll attend as a Brisbane Local for the 3 day Event (Fri 18/10 - Sun 20/10/24) at the 2 dinners (Friday; Saturday) plus the Optional activities (Saturday; Sunday).

I like your style
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GOLD-ish for me

I tentatively booked airfares (being QF J, I don't need to actually pay for them until a day or two out) ages ago before the European Vacation came into play

so I may show up in Brissy - and if so, I'm expecting to arrive as a newly minted LTG!
Is there a bus from Virgin to the Sebel?
Yes but it involves changing from the Skygate shuttle to the bus then the train: