Adelaide dinner on Saturday, 27 July 2024

Im a maybe too. Very interested to meet AFFers in person but only flying back from Europe the day b4.
What a shame I'm flying out of Adelaide to Melbourne that day, otherwise I'd have joined as well :(
I'm going to be in Adelaide the week before and the week after (probably) but not for the weekend! Bah, my timing always sucks.
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Virgin sent me an e-mail saying that they were sending me HBA-SYD-ADL rather than my booked HBA-MEL-ADL. But I could see the original route was still being sold.

Called, and they saw that the MEL-ADL bird had been subbed out to all-economy, so I was happy that they pro-actively offed an all J route. I was looking forward to additional SCs as well (Triple SC J booking 🤝 ) .... until I saw that no extra SCs for going via Sydney :(.

Just hope its not a 'Sydney weather' day.
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OK, 1 month out, time to start a list of attendees
  • Mattg
  • Aeolus
  • Rooflyer
  • Henleybeach
  • Sprucegoose
  • gwilli1
  • Clayton
  • AIRwin
  • sap1l
  • VPS
  • Openseat
  • Askance
As for Venue, unless it is a pub where everyone could just walk up to order and pay, I'm proposing a set menu and drinks can be paid separately. Options - let's take a vote :)

1. Osteria Oggi Osteria Oggi Feed me menu from $80
2. Olive Adelaide’s newest Mediterranean restaurant | Olive Feed me menu from $69
3. Duke of Brunswick The Duke of Brunswick Hotel - Certified Gluten Free Pub walk up and order/pay
I like the sound/taste of coughtails at The Duke of Brunswick

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