2 x 30 NZ Airpoints voucher up for offer on Flyertalk

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Jul 21, 2006
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sydfly on flyertalk said:
We're about to embark on our honeymoon trip on Sunday and while searching for our tickets in my travel folder I came across these two vouchers expiring on the 14th of August. I completely forgot about them.

I can't use them, so I'd offer to mail them to someone who can make use of them (or 2 people maybe would be even nicer).

You have to be an Airpoints member to redeem them for Airbucks or you can use them to their face value (NZ$30) when booking an NZ flight.

I need to give those away within the next 24 hours, so you've got to be quick. If you are based in Australia it would save me postage or maybe you're at SYD airport on Sunday morning
. If you PM me, please also tell me where to send the voucher(s) to.

Anyway, don't want anything in return...just giving something back to the FT community I have been enjoying for 5 years now.
PM him on flyertalk if you can make use of em.
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