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  1. docjames

    Wine discount

    Maybe AFF could consider negotiating with one (or more) of the proliferation of online wine merchants for an "AFF discount" (?10%) off the published price. Available to Gold/Platinum members perhaps?? They could 'sponsor' a "room" or thread as part of the "deal"?? Just thinking aloud......
  2. P

    The BYO Wine Restaurant Thread

    Many restaurants are now "Fully licensed, no BYO", meaning patrons are stuck with their [often overpriced] wine list. The idea behind this thread is to create a list of restaurants in Australian cities which offer great food, and affordable corkage for BYO. I'm not sure if an internet forum, or...
  3. G

    Whine/wine: seat for my mum Sunday to LAX

    Apologies for my Friday night Asahi/then red wine-fuelled post. Had to create new login due to inability to manoeuvre passwords. :( Just bored of my inability to use my Qantas points to upgrade my mother's flight on QF17 on Sunday to LAX. She has been v flexible, but now has ride from LAX to...
  4. ExcuseMyFrench

    Free wine!! $50 voucher for Naked Wine

    Use the link below and you'll get a $50 voucher to spend on any wines. For each person that order with this voucher I'll get a $10 credit to spend on wine :mrgreen: I have used Naked Wine for the past 6 months and love the concept. They are...
  5. Wozza

    AFF Wine Lovers Meet-Up 6 Jan 2016 in Sydney

    Dear Blog Friends and Wine Lovers This would be a good spot to arrange the odd catch up where we can meet in person, share a bottle or two from our trophy cabinets, and strengthen those blog ties. Please feel free to post away for your city or region. Looking forward to meeting some of you in...
  6. RooFlyer

    Uncorking the Caucasus. EY F Apartment to Georgia (birthplace of wine) & Azerbaijan

    Today starts a bit of a jump into the unknown; a week in the Republic of Georgia and a few days in Azerbaijan. Fortunately that jump will be eased by going SYD-AUH on Etihad's A380 in one of their F apartments, claimed using AA miles :) . This trip came about in a way completely appropriate to...
  7. RooFlyer

    Good or better wine shops, wine bars and wine experiences in out-of-the way places

    While Trip Reports often cover good wine experiences, they don't always focus on the important things - such as how to get hold of the good stuff when you are in an unfamiliar city, especially overseas. So lets see if we can provide some help and short cuts here. I'm thinking of good wine...
  8. RooFlyer

    CNN's top 10 up-and-comer wine regions

    I have little time for CNN - none, actually - but their wine correspondent does appear to have some sense (although naming Sicily as an up-and-coming wine place must be a joke, right?). What they say about Tasmania is pretty accurate - and the one winery they specifically mention is my local...
  9. lovetravellingoz

    Nairobi to Cape Town & Kruger too: Plains, Wines and Automobiles (4WD) & yes Cats!!!

    Nairobi to Cape Town and Kruger too: Plains, Wines and Automobiles (4WD)…..and yes wildlife too!!! PART TWO: The Post-trip Report Well we have now just returned to Australia after completing our 6 week trip from Nairobi, Kenya to Victoria Falls by 4WD with a sojourn through Botswana and South...
  10. M@rcoPolo

    WineMarket $25 voucher

    WineMarket is my favourite online wine store. Their range is a not huge but prices are very sharp and they have plenty of top-shelf wines. When they run specials you can easily save up to 50% compared to Dan Murphy's. They promote several "mystery wines" that are quite easy to identify if...
  11. medhead

    Still time to set up the AFF virtual winery? Disappointing that I've been toying with the idea of getting someone to make me some wine. Might have even had someone suggest this option in a previous workplace.
  12. Duffa

    Am I am a wine snob!

    I'm in the SQ F lounge at MEL. The red on offer is a Pirathon Shiraz - I pour a glass and marvel at the fruit-driven nose and full bodied complexity. Get to my seat and Google it $19.99 from Nick's !!! Suddenly it tastes different. If I hadn't known what it cost I would have raved about it...
  13. RooFlyer

    Seeking expressions of interest in Southern/Eastern Tasmania wine tour

    Having thoroughly enjoyed several of Buzz's tours of the Barossa, and looking forward to the Hunter Valley gig in January, I thought I should see if there was interest in a tour based out of Hobart. So I'm seeking expressions of interest based on these rough and very early planning parameters...
  14. Rugby

    Confessions of a Wine Snob

    Does this ring any bells? :) Confessions of a wine snob
  15. Steady

    Californian wines

    I'm off to the LOTFAP with my family later in the year thanks to QF's recent fuel surcharge glitch. I am interested in experiencing some Californian reds while I'm there - and maybe bringing half a doz good examples home (instead of the spirits that I usually bring in. Like Aussie regions I am...
  16. Foreigner

    Beer v. Wine with Food

    Beer wins with food... Why beer is a better drink to serve with food than wine - Telegraph