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Not too sure when this came into force, but I have noticed recently that QF now want potential passengers to part with $27.50 to make a domestic booking using their phone lines or travel centres!

For international it appears they want $40!

So if you can't access the Internet or are making last minute bookings by phone or need to arrange an itinerary which the internet engine can't handle you've got to pay!!!

When did all this happen? Have I missed a thread?
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Aug 18, 2005
It's not a new charge, just done in a different format.

The charge over the phone used to be hidden within the ticket price. Qantas are now just being upfront with it and giving you a seperate receipt. It also works in the passengers favour. Hard to believe, I know.


Melbourne - Sydney return

Over the phone, you used to be charged $15 per sector, plus GST. On a return flight like this, that's $33.

Example 2.

Hobart x/Sydney - Darwin return

4 sectors, $15 each, plus GST. $66. Thanks for coming.

Now it's a flat fee of $27.50 inc GST

The only thing you'll get stung on is doing something one way.


Thanks for the info - can't find the right thread on the other discussion board.

I think you are wrong guys! The ticket prices I used to pay were the same for both internet and phone bookings on my regular business class commute run. No doubt the revenue from the tickets contributed to the administration costs of internet infrastructure and call centres.

Now the price of the basic ticket is the SAME but now I pay MORE ($27.50 for business) for the phone booking. so although the cost may have been hidden previously, the price of ticket HAS NOT GONE DOWN to compensate for bringing the booking fee "out into the open". So we are paying more.

This is a cost increase in ticket price posing as greater transparency....

QF are claiming "it used to be included in the price of the ticket" is a specious smokescreen for a ticket hike...
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