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I'm currently sitting in ROK awaiting a VA flight. I just missed out on fly ahead (by 5 minutes...story of my life) and the air cond is currently on the blink.

What's a guy do in such trying situations.......have a Sav. Blanc I say (or two....three...perhaps four).

Due to the fact I've been here for a few hours, I'm lucky enough to have a glass for the Sav. Blanc (ROK is all class, when the two glasses run out, they revert to the Woolies plastic cups). I've just been joined at the table by a couple (of dozen) locals who have been filling in their time at the pub and much to the amusement of one old guy, his missus got the plastic cup. He glances over toward me with my glass of wine through his bloodshot eyes and declares loudly "this must be the business class table, this joker gets a glass"!

I don't dare tell him that I'm not actually in J (VA doesn't fly J to/from ROK), but status has given me a 738 2C position! It made my day and I've just finished a rather convoluted, slurred but thoroughly entertaining conversation (him and his missus, not me) as he's off to board QF 2359 and entertain his lucky seat companions.

I tell you, you wouldn't be dead for quids! ;)


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Nov 25, 2004
Could be worse, you could be in the QP fighting over the 6 pack of beers in the fridge.


May 22, 2011
Sounds like the passenger on my QF rok-Gladstone-BNE flight, who went to the toilet up the front when waiting on the tarmac in Gladstone, came out and declared to all passengers - "that's better, but I wouldn't go in there, the smell will kill ya", and waddled back to his seat tucking himself in and doing up his fly. Always interesting characters up that way.

Deleted member 29185

Always interesting characters up that way.
Hmm, yes. I'm wondering if I'm becoming one of them. I was so taken by the conversation, I damn near missed my flight! It wasn't the QF flight they were heading to (it was delayed), it was VA1248.....which happened to be my flight. There I sat, chuckling foolishly over the foregoing conversation (which included Kiwis and sheep....as humorous tales inevitably do) and heard my name being paged! :confused: Oh cough...... Laptop grabbed and raced to security only to find I have a comedian manning the scanner..... "That you they're paging, mate"......"yes, sorry"! Next, as I had to be the last clearing security, I got the bomb squad......."That you they're paging, mate"........"yes,sorry".

Arrive at the gate "sorry, sorry, I was delayed (outright lie)" .........gate angel, "that's OK Mr. swanning_it, we're not ready yet and you're right up front"!

Finally arrive on board, "sorry guys, I know I'm late, very sorry"........
"that's alright Mr. Swanning_it, Capt hasn't signed off yet".

Boy, I try hard to hate VA, but have I mentioned the crew are great.......even when confronted by a miscreant like moi!

Now on the train ( I hate the train)!
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