Works Deluxe vs Premium Economy


Feb 15, 2023

I am looking forward to be flying from Auckland to Samoa. On my chosen day they operated A321NEO without Business Class. I would like to know how is Works Deluxe compared to Premium Economy (offered on B777/787) or Euro Business Class?


P.S: How many days would you recommend me to stay in Samoa? Or should I visit Tonga or Fiji instead?
Works Deluxe doesn't compare to Premium Economy. That's a single class aircraft, what you're paying for is just a meal, drinks included, two checked bags, priority boarding and inflight entertainment. Every seat is an economy seat. According to the website you're also guaranteed an empty "shadow" seat next to you - I can't speak to whether that always happens in practice. Personally, I've never considered it worth it for the pricing above even Works.
Other half did it a few years back. Guaranteed empty seat next to you, so think Euro business class.

Yep. Euro business class but without the improved catering (above and beyond what Economy Works gets). And there's no curtain separating the cabins.

Premium Economy is a different cabin, nicer seat and improved catering etc. It's much better than Works Deluxe IMHO.

If crediting the flight to a Star Alliance frequent flyer program other than Airpoints, also bear in mind that Premium Economy will generally earn points/miles/status at a much higher rate.
Can vouch for Works Deluxe.
Quite very good.
No neighbour.
Arm rest lifts up on neo.
2 windows if on A or F.
Not too pricey.
If no option of a 777 or 787, ie you get only neo providing flight, Works Deluxe is very good.
Ah, if crediting to other FF programs in *A, probably earn rate will be quite low with Works Deluxe, prob low Y rate.
Very happy.
Just like J class on VAd.
Cheaper than QFi.
No lounge access, unless Koru member, but tgat is ok.
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I am putting all points to my Airpoints dollars, not interested in status.
Will build points to 20% of those needed for MEL - ZQN one way.
Plan more WLG and CHC trips before my 4 years are up.
Worksdeluxe food was tofu noodles.
Oops will continue in few secs.
Had beef pie too as a choice.
Small can of water into cup.
In premY on their 777 and 787, its a full bottle of 600ml water.
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