Works Deluxe not offered after 1 May 2024


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Jun 23, 2016
End of a seat to suit era for Air NZ. From 1 May 2024 the A320/1 flights will no longer offer "works deluxe" with "the works" being the highest cabin onboard.

Existing bookings after that date will be changed to works with the fee between the two refunded whilst flights up to and including 30 April 2024 remain unchanged.

Seat to suit (and as an extension works deluxe) was first offered in late 2010 when they ripped all the business class seats out of the A320 fleet. Initially the product offered lounge access, a bottle of water on boarding and seating in the premium economy cabin on wide body aircraft however over the years the benefits have slowly been replaced and now it's essentially just the same as a works fare with a middle seat free and a few priority boarding/check in perks.

I've flown it a couple of times but only when burning the included Gold/Silver upgrades.
I won't be mourning - The introduction of S2S signified the beginning of the end of my *E status - softened somewhat by the VA tie up.
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Have used the Works Deluxe module/model on their narrow bodied planes, loved it.
It just like J, but cheaper.
Pity to see that they have removed it, "customer feedback" hah, probably more so they can sell those empty seats and fill their coffers.
Now the only way of lux is to fly VAi from Au - ZQN (if you don't want to fly QFi), and then bus it round the south island, or fly squashed like a cardine in their dom 320.
probably more so they can sell those empty seats and fill their coffers.
Oh 100% this is the case. WD was about $150 extra meaning if they can sell the extra seat at a base price of over $300 they are winning.

The handful of times I’d flown it there was often just 3 in WD but they still have to keep the middle seat free meaning they’re making even less out of it.

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