Wonderful upgrade with Westin Venice

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Mar 15, 2009
I'm currently in Venice and thought I would relate the following. Over the years I have read about how sending emails to hotel managers can help you get upgrades, 3 days before we arrived at the Westin Venice I received an email from the manager, welcoming me and letting me know what was on offer at the hotel. I replied to his email letting him know it was my tenth wedding anniversary and that I was looking forward to our stay also I pointed out I am SPG gold ( thanks to my Amex Centurion card ) . I then received another email thanking me and assuring me I would be looked after. On arrived at the Westin Hotel Venice. Our room was not ready, so we went to lunch, when we returned, they asked us to wait another 10 minutes more, we did that and where then take to the room. Now I had booked a room on the Grand Cannel with a large balcony It was a nice room, but not the balcony room I had booked, I went down to see reception, and very nicely asked about it the reception person, agreed that our room did not have the balcony and said if we waited she would give us a surprise, we went for another walk and came back to, the best suite in the hotel. How nice is that. The Rome rate for the room I booked was 1,300 euro per night and the rate for the Suite is 4200 euros.

So as you can imagine I'm a happy camper.

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Not open for further replies.