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Which gadget to buy

Should I buy an Ipod or a Mini DVD player for entertainment on long haul flights?

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Nov 26, 2004
Hi Everyone, I am looking at buying either an Ipod or a DVD player to keep me entertained on long haul lfights. I tend to do two or three a year in Business Class.

I saw the post recently about the amount of toys we all fly with, so I am trying to simplify my carry on baggage by having just one toy.

Now I know that AVOD is here on QF and SQ (who I usually fly with), but they never quite have the types of programs and films that I like, such as the every episode of BlackAdder, Series 1 of the West Wing, Hero and Crouching Tiger etc.

But I do like to listen to music when I fly, and when I sleep. I have a great set of NC headphones...so here is my dilemma.

Ipod or DVD Player?


Nov 25, 2004
None of your prefered entertainment you mention can be seen on an iPod...so buy the DVD.

I listen to music on the often long transfers to/from airports etc. If you're open to options, look at the O2 XDA II Mini/Telstra iMate clone. IPhone, camera, MP3, Pocet PC all in one.

Alternatively, you save a pile of money by purchasing any brand other than Apple - Creative are just as good, some will say better - and a fraction of the price.


Aug 29, 2005
Have you considered the new Sony PSP? It does both movies and music, so seems to be just what you need.

AlwaysUpThere said:
Alternatively, you save a pile of money by purchasing any brand other than Apple - Creative are just as good, some will say better - and a fraction of the price.
I will say better. The iPod is essentially a bunch of second-rate components that Apple has bought, put into a sexy case, and marketed. I use the Creative Zen Micro.


Established Member
Sep 8, 2004
I know this is old school, but have you considered a lightweight laptop.

This will include all features including Movies, Music, email, Phone(VOIP) and Games.

My fun theory is that the phone companies, MP3 companies and Game companies will all design an all-in-one unit soon and they will realise it has already been invented and called....a small laptop


Dec 5, 2003
Well we also need to know the size of your potential music collection, relative age bracket (eg. wound't really recommend a PSP to a > 40 yo), and desire to listen or watch something for long periods of time.

Personally, I'd just go for something like a 1GB shuffle (perhaps 2/4gb Nano) to listen to music between movies. I'm not sure what carier you fly but I usually get a good range of movies on Qantas international J flights and you can pretty much watch whatever movie you want in which 2.5 hour time bracket you want.

I am also a very big fan of the PSP and have probably got all the games by now (I love the internet) but the battery life will be probably drained after 4-5 hours (less if watching movies) and would probably look funny on an old fella. :)

Headphones might be a worthwhile investment though but if you fly J the ones they give you are pretty good and comfortable (IMHO) for plane use.

Don't get an in-ear one though. It will get pretty uncomfortable over a period of time and I'm not sure how good it is to wear on flights.

I also tend to use my Treo 600 a lot to play Hold-em poker and Spacewards Ho. Fun for those weekly MLB-SYD-MLB trips when I'm boored of the PSP while listening to my Shuffle. :)

In the end, choose a product that is right for YOU, if you feel you need to watch DVDs then go buy a portable DVD player (but make sure you know how long the batteries last), if you like music then get the one which fits your listening needs (eg. 1, 2, 4, 20, 30, 60, 80gb model), if you like games then maybe a PSP or PDA of some sort.

Or maybe just bring a pack of cards and play good old solitaire. Hehe.



Mar 28, 2005
I would also like to suggest a PDA. On this you can listen to music, play games, do work and you can even compress DVD's and watch them. Personally I have an O2 XDAII which has built in phone and camera (if you can call it that) however any new PDA (don't know about Palm OS) should be able to do all this.



AFF Supporter
Aug 11, 2002
I find I have to carry a laptop for work anyway, so can play/load DVDs, MP3s, etc onto it. I rarely find myself using it on flights as there is usually the AVOD or similar or I have other things to do. I fly J or F and the airlines usually provide fairly Ok headsets these days.

Otherwise I carry a Creative MuVo 1Gb MP3 player with small headphones (they are actually waterproof ones) which I use in the gym. It has the benefit of taking jogging, which a hard-drive MP3 playe won't, FM radio and plenty of songs. The new iPod, for example, doesn't have FM. In Singapore I like 90.5 the oldies station so I have lots of "horrible" music as my so would call it!


Aug 27, 2004
LT Gold
My Map
danielh said:
Well we also need to know the size of your potential music collection, relative age bracket (eg. wound't really recommend a PSP to a > 40 yo), and desire to listen or watch something for long periods of time.
So does that mean I have to stick with a Gameboy then? And use my PPC for music and movies?


Established Member
Oct 18, 2005
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My wife, who is a tiny women, was less than impressed with my laptop when I loaned it to her for a Berlin trip a few months back. Too big and bulky.

So we went to Harvey Norman and asked for the smallest and most powerful laptop they had, and it worked out to be a Toshiba Libretto. This is the size, shape and weight of a trade paperback book. Think of it as a normal laptop cut in half front to back, and you'll be about right for size and shape. The keyboard is a bit cramped and the screen is small, but it plugs into a normal monitor and keyboard when you get where you are going.

Anyway, it's a fully-featured computer that doesn't dominate your carryon, and is usuable even when the guy in front is fully reclined.

40Gig HD, I think, which will hold as many songs as you want for even the longest sector, and the DVD drive (albeit in a small snap on extra) will play movies. Comes with wireless built in, which is becoming extremely useful on the road.

And, come to think of it, it's about as big as a PSP.

My wife's work paid for it, and as it costs about as much as a RTW ticket, I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon.


Sep 28, 2003
What about an iPod with video capacity? Released last week, it comes in a 30G and 60G version. The lack of a local iTunes store may not be the disadvantage that people are making out, as it should be possible to download video from BitTorrent (according to the Apple bulletin boards).


Sep 5, 2002
PSP is great for video, wireless internet and mp3. My son 11 year old has one and I use it as well :D
Someone said that there are Java applications for PSP that will provide PDA functionality. I have not checked it out. If there is one I would not mind buying one for me for travel (but I am not sure if I will take it to the office 8)

Another Option is Palm Life Drive - has got 4GB memory with PDA, MP3, Excel, Word capabilities. $699.00


Junior Member
Oct 26, 2005
I plan to take a PSP on my trip so I can watch various episodes (eg RedvsBlue). But if you get a PSP you'll also need a memory stick or a expansion pack to store the music/video files
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