When will SQ will reintroduce flights to Ko Samui?

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Feb 12, 2008
All short-term visitors barred from entering or transiting in Singapore from Monday, 11.59pm

Well that should at last cause my April MEL - Koh Samui return flights to be cancelled. (Note I was not going, but just waiting for them to cancel rather than myself cancelling).

Sorry to drag up an old thread but I couldn’t find anything else more relevant via the search feature.

Anyone have insights into if or when SQ will reintroduce flights to Ko Samui? Bangkok Airways is having a laugh with their current business pricing without any competition. And on separate tickets it’s not exactly smooth travelling via SIN.


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Aug 5, 2014
My understanding was the runway at USM is too short for SQ to run their version of the 737. I think even the TG 737-400s were stretching it from a saftey standpoint.

I have been through there a couple of times on KF redemptions but it was always on a Silk Air A319 from memory.
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