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When buying HH points makes sense

Sep 25, 2013
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Well I've never considered buying any hotel points to be good value but today on looking to book the Hilton Seychelles for 5 nights I decided to check if buying points would be worth while (cheapest room is 500EUR pn) - so low and behold I found there is a promo at the moment - 100% bonus when buying up to 160,000 - so I jumped on the additional points I needed for a 5 night stay (fifth night free) and got the room for less than half the full price (after paying for the points of course). So i'm pretty happy with HH. My booking also has an offer to upgrade to the next room type of 75EUR pn - I'll have to think about that - all rooms are villas (90sm) so this would only provide a better view.

As an aside - while travelling in Europe earlier this year as a Gold - I was given lounge access in several Hilton (of course the T&Cs say you need to be Platinum) - I didn't ask for this access it was just offered as though it was standard.


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Apr 11, 2011
Great deal and well done @luxury-lizard ! I would love to hear about your experience at Hilton Seychelles too.

I’ve also just been looking at the 100% bonus points promo that ends on Nov 26, 2019. I’ve never bought Hilton points before.

I don’t have a specific booking in mind at the moment but considering maybe the Conrad Koh Samui next year for a 5 night getaway (with the 5th night free which I thinks we can get as Silver).
considering the risks...

I know they can expire after 12 months if you don’t have activity on your account. I’m also mindful that the 100% promo doesn’t happen very often.

Curious to know if people think it’s risky to buy points with Hilton without a specific booking in mind?

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