What is the most economical use of my points and $$

Discussion in 'Qantas Frequent Flyer Program' started by jlou, May 3, 2005.

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  1. jlou

    jlou Junior Member

    May 30, 2004
    Hi, I am hoping to get some pointers here...

    I have just reached Silver thanks to a RTW trip and some business travel and have just short of 118000 QFF points Fiance has 30585 (which he will gladly transfer to me :D )

    We each have one upgrade credit which will expire 30 April 2007

    Currently I have 425 SC and next status re-assessment due on 31 July 2006.

    He has 245 SC and will be reassessed on 31 January 2006.

    The AMEX and ANZ cards are linked to my account and I travel BNE to TSV about every 6 weeks in discount economy (is that Y??). Fiance only travels when I do, but may be doing a solo return trip to US mid year.

    We are getting married next Easter and want to use our points/money in the most economical way as we don't have a lot of dosh left after the 6 week sojourn. We like flying Business Class (is that J??) and that seems to be the most economical use for points. After experiencing the skybeds from BNE to SIN but missing out on SIN- Frankfurt and LAX - BNE I am hooked on them....

    We haven't decided on a destination but is likely to be 2 weeks somewhere warm (Hawaii, Fiji, Singapore?) or perhaps Queenstown. Suggestions gratefully received.

    Given the changes coming in on 25 May, what are we best to do in terms of maximising points and minimising expense:

    - Book now (pre 25 May) and get an upgrade with our points?
    - Book business using entirely points (either before or after 25 May, depending which is better value).

    Also, given that I am Silver, if we use one paid fare and another on points, I am guessing that fiance should travel on the points and I should pay for mine as I will then increase my status???

    Sorry this is so long :oops:

  2. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
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    jlou, much easier to help you as you put all the relevant details into the post. I'll answer bit by bit.

    Yes, Y is the general term for economy, but it is also the highest fully flexible fare. Here is a handy chart to explain them all.

    Thus, depending on the number of SC's earned from that trip and any others he takes, he may reach Silver by his status reassessment date (31/1/06) and before you travel together below...

    Similarly, J is the general term for Business Class, but there are a number of different fare structures within Business Class. Yes, I can definitely relate to the Business Class monster you have created...similar to that for Mrs LW and me.

    HNL, NAN and SIN are all lovely places for a honeymoon - SIN might be an unusual choice for a honeymoon (heh, we chose DUB, so anything's possible). ZQN is great all year round - March/April there will be the "summer" season for hiking and those kind of "outdoor sports" rather than the winter "skiing" season (as we went last Sept/Oct). In winter, QF have a BNE/ZQN direct flight, so you might need to go BNE/CHC/ZQN.

    Business Class seats might only be Dreamtime seats for NAN and HNL, whereas SIN will beSkybeds. ZQN will be QF or JetConnect's older J seats or even all Economy.

    Decide on the place you want to honeymoon (unless that's going to be driven by your QF points/status??). If you decide on the place you want to travel to, book now and find U seat availability (Business Class upgrade) before May 25, that's your best outcome.

    Review the U seat point requirements both pre and post 25 May for your destination. Some go up, some come down. Generally, best vlue is to book before May 25.

    Yes, as long as you book before he turns Silver from the USA trip (unless he doesn't go on the USA trip); however as you have the majority of point it may be the best option (and it doesn't sound like he cares as much).

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