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Answered What happened to VH-VPH? [773 Out of Service June 15th to July 4th]

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Jun 20, 2019
"It’s a shame you cant share that data. As that of course will call it into doubt if you don’t “publish” it."

The majority of data comes from commercial subscription services - and it therefore available to all who pay for the subscription service. People involved in research will understand that "sharing' is a breach of the contract that subscribers agree to. Anyone is able to replicate this work if they have the expertise.. The relevant parameters are fully disclosed.

I have published four books and over 50 research papers over more than 30 years. A fifth book is nearing completion. Publishing the results from such a small study would not be easy. The size of the dataset is small and the results are largely predicable. Publication of empirical research generally involves large scale data that can be widely generalized and with results that are not obvious - that is there is a mystery or a controversy.


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Feb 7, 2016
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Thanks KAH. But I think I speak for most people on this forum - we exist here as a community. The common denominator may be air travel, but we also share knowledge, assistance and insight to nearly every conceivable subject. We are friends. We don't always agree, but spirited and lively debate is a welcome inclusion - if it is in context. Conversations are meant to be informative, supportive and on point. Many comments are often disputed and therefore subject to reference validation or substantiation, but it may also be implied that access to such reference would be readily provided by the poster to the greater community upon request, especially if that poster is drawing on this information to make their argument.

I now speak for myself: I don't appreciate the inference that I need to pay to see supporting data. I guess I just don't agree with your comments, but seeing as how VH-VPH is back in service - I am happy to leave the conversation as is.

Have a nice day :)
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