What Does Everyone Do Here ??

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Agree that this is a very interesting thread. I hope that some of the QF P1s/CLs and OW equivalents (e.g. Boomy) and SQ PPS/Solitaire members chime in and let us know some of their lines of work.

I've spent my first year out of uni at a Big 4 accounting firm but moving to a Sales and Account Management role with a global financial services data/journalism company

Not investment banking?? :confused:;)
I suppose I should add a bit to 'I'm retired' as I did have a couple of previous work lives and it may explain some of my seemingly random comments on things :)
I spent 30 odd years in education(so that will age me somewhat), mostly in Canberra where I was IT coordinator/head of laptop program (when that was a new and exciting development). After that some sessional lecturing (in computers in education - what else) then I thought maybe a year or so in the public service. It ended up nearly seven, working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. That was a wonderful experience being able to visit some of the remotest areas in Australia. The people I met were amazing.
I had a rule though that when it became a chore not a joy, it was time to go. Budget cuts and changes in direction meant that happened so I pulled the plug and retired. Now a 'lady of leisure' as they say. Part of me hankers for employment but part of me says 'Don't even think about it!'.
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Social Worker in health, enjoy my work, 75 years young in heart, hope to work until 80 years without the use of a wheelchair or wheely walker :D great sense of humour, like the challenges and the variety of the work. Feel blessed to be in the field I am.
P.A. for small family business. (very basic.... but I know where all the bodies are buried!!)

I'm a PA for the head of a university department. You do get to know all the goss...

I also run my own business.
Own business consultancy. And we do a lot of work for Universities - in SA, Vic and NZ.
Pre Sales and consultant for a technology company (in the travel and tourism space), I'm in a team responsible for AU, NZ and the Islands
Currently a Project specialist managing logistics for an ICT transformation.

Previous role was for Fed Govt installing network equipment in offices mostly around Aus and some international.

Current role does not come with as much travel unfortunately.
Apparently I work in IT.

But I would much rather be retired and playing more golf....
I feel underqualified.... lol

Working for the State Govt in a blue collar role which I LOVE....after quite a few years as an officer in the Navy...

Can take 10 to 12 weeks off most years...nice perk...(purchased leave)
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Legal for a large multinational and quite niche in some of the areas I work in.
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