Virgin Wine Promo - 3000 Velocity points and cheap wine


May 15, 2023
Hi all,

You reckon this is worth $100 fo the points alone and wine? Has anyone had any of the wine that would be in this range. Happy to splash out $100 is it's at least half promising.

Virgin Wine.JPG
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Personally, I'd buy the bonus point wine from the Velocity wine store.

That way you're (somewhat more likely to) know what you're getting, and also don't have to extricate yourself from a wine subscription (did it once with Wine Selectors - never again!).
The $100 deal means you have to sign up to the discovery club for regular wine. I had an email or offer from somewhere in Virgin for the same wine with no club signup, free delivery & 3000 points. It cost more. And I was hoping for it to be reasonable. So far I have 4 bottles I don't find drinkable. Could add up @ $12 for cooking wine. What I expect at $12 is ordinary but drinkable. There's 7 wines x 2 bottles each I guess I'll have to try a glass out of each...

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