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Apr 18, 2013
I have my own virgin wine account. My email address and residential address linked to my velocity account. I have my own wine preferences in the cellar preferences.

My wife has her own virgin wine account which she started when the recent Christmas promotion was on. She did this to link to her velocity account, used her email address and our residential address. She has her own wine preferences nominated. She was sent a confirmation joining email with a different account number to me.

We both received the Christmas wines in the promotion period but since then the IT gremlins have hit. Virgin wines have told me they can (at the account holders request) link accounts with the same email. The only common thing my wife and I have with Virgin wines is our residential address. This is now the situation.

We only have one account, it has my account number, my wife’s email address, our residential address and my wife’s wine preferences and only my velocity number. Virgin wines have been working on how this happened and they simply don’t know.

They have told me this impacts on our Christmas promotion points so that’s my next battle. They said because the accounts linked somehow it is only showing as one purchase for the Christmas promotion. Before anyone says it must be the residential address that linked, virgin said this cannot happen.

My daughter and son in law live in a detached unit on our property and have the same residential address and their account has not linked with ours. My concern is if virgin wines cannot work out why, then how many other accounts have mysteriously linked and he owners/spouses have not realized.

I am sure I am not the only one on this forum who is takin advantage of two Virgin wine accounts and the points accrual at promotion times. Has anyone had any similar issues with their account? I keep chasing Virgin wines up about this and they simply have no answers. It doesn’t give me confidence my private information is secure.
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