Virgin Back to Front 777 Rumour?

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Sep 9, 2005
Hi all, just got back from Mel, on a QF flight and the guys infront of me were avid FF's, talking alot about the QF sale etc. Felt a bit bad eavesdropping but was hard to ignore:oops:

Anyway they were talking about, apparently that Virgin are looking at a different seating arrangement in economy on their new 777's - apparantly to squeeze an extra row in across they are planning to sit people directly opposite each other?!

I thought it sounded a bit weird, kind of like the disabled seating in sydney buses - imagine facing off someone for 15 hours...! I thought they may have been mistaken but everything else these guys were talking about was spot on...

Has anyone heard anything like this??

Note - I know BA do it in J but I highly doubt Virgin will be providing 'PODS' to their economy class passengers....
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Not open for further replies.