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Velocity updates

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Yada Yada

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Dec 6, 2004
I noticed the following in my latest Velocity statement:
Velocity Rewards said:
We're about to announce new Velocity Program Partners soon - so stay tuned.

The other big news this month is Virgin Blue's radical transformation of the Blue Room Lounges in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The result is 'The Lounge’ – a new-look, sophisticated lounge with all-inclusive facilities such as complimentary food and beverages, and enhanced business services, including free wireless internet access.
It will be interesting to see who the new partners are.

Regarding the free wireless internet access in their lounges, I recall reading a while back that they were trying to sort out how this could be done without providing access to anyone within range in the terminal. I guess they have worked it out now.

This is one thing that I will find very worthwhile. Having to pay for wireless access in the QP is annoying.

I notice also that they are offering 500 Velocity points if you join The Lounge during the month of June.
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