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VAd OLCI - very strange this one...

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Feb 9, 2014
Ok, so with VAd we can do OLCI 48 hours before a trip.
Mods, this one might be worth a/my sticky!
So, here I go, its 48 hours before my flight, ADL to SYD.
OLCI within my VA account, booking not found. Velocity website.
Go to VAs own website/webpage, type in my VFF member #, booking not found. I was now irate.
But guess what worked, if you have a booking coming up, and want to try this one out, it might be the "trick".
Type in your PNR into the slot under MY Booking, on the VFF website, and not the Velocity website, ... and type your 6 alphabet PNR, and it will come up.
Don't ask me why it worked with my PNR but not my VFF member #!
Must admit, this option will only allow me to print, but not able to email my boarding pass to my ipod which has worked to check me at gate for VAd flights within Aust.
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Oct 26, 2010
My Map
May be onto something here, I have a future corporate travel agent booking on VA.

Went to the VA web site and could not locate my bookings either by PNR or by Velocity number.

Went to the Velocity web site and after logging in via VFF number I can then see my bookings with the PNR, but hang on, things are not necessarily all as they seem - look at what happens when you select the valid PNR on the VFF MyBookings page.

This is what happens:

Note that it is now querying the VA site NOT the VFF site, now at that point you would normally give up right?

Not necessarily. Even more interesting is that below all these warnings about your booking being invalid with payment and data problems - guess what? You can see your actual flight details with correct flight numbers, times and linked VFF number.
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