VA SYD lounge experience - pandemic / Bain era


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Feb 6, 2020
Despite being attached to QF FF like a barnacle, I took advantage of the VA status match to Gold.

I’m in the lounge awaiting a flight to BNK. What’s 10 QF SCs between friends...?


-The food selection doesn’t rival a regional motel breakfast spread.

- Options are bowls of pre poured basic cereal, small yoghurt tubs, par frozen mini muffins & an apple.

- Thankfully, barista coffee is still on offer.

- Oddly, the bathrooms are still stocked with the luxurious Hunter Lab Products of yesteryear, which is a strange juxtaposition.

- Upstairs only is open, with strict mask wearing and Service NSW QR code aside from lounge.

- That said, it’s probably a miracle that they’re open at all & I’m grateful for the opportunity.

........Although I might be taking a sneaky detour via McDonalds on the way to the gate!


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