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Using QP on Int'l flights out of Perth

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Jun 11, 2012
Hi all,

I'm looking at a flight to Europe next year and interested in using the lounges.

I'm a PS and QP member. I note from this October your ticket must be marked as QF to use the lounge.

What I find interesting is that if I try and book through the Qantas website it only allows me to book EK flights on the Emirates metal. Yet if I try someone like Webjet it allows me to book the Emirates metal but with a QF flight code.

Reading through the new rules it states taking a guest that they must be on the same flight - does that mean the same metal or the same flight code?

I'm booking my wife with points which only allows the EK flight codes. So we will end up being on the same plane one flying QF and the other EK.

Reading the rules I'll be allowed in the lounge - but I'm not sure whether my wife will be as my guest? We are on the same flight...

Anyone have a heads up on this?



Senior Member
Jun 19, 2006
You've come across one of (the many) negatives of the Qantas Club access changes in that only the EK codes can be booked with QF points. I feel confident in saying this little tidbit was lost on those who implemented the change.

Others with more insight will hopefully chime in but I would suggest you should have no issue guesting your wife. At worst, politely explaining this little Qantas-initiated conundrum to the lounge agent should surely suffice.

For clarity, you may wish to email your concern to QF to get a definitive answer. Note, however, that if you do get a response and it is favourable (which I expect it should be) I would want it in writing by way of a reply email, not a phone call.
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