Use saved points for 1 BRIS-LAX long haul or 2 LAX-JFK sectors Premium Eco (T) to J

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Apr 19, 2011
I booked and paid for a premium economy ticket Brisbane-New York return for August 2012. One month trip to see more of New York, DC and Florida Keyes. I have just enough points for either one long haul sector as described in title, or two smaller sectors between the USA. I have flown long haul before in Business (May 2011) as a complimentary upgrade on Qantas, however the service was pretty awful (I chose the 'dine later' option only to be told in no uncertain terms that it would be 'MUCH LATER', and they ****ed up both meals anyhow (dinner was a roast with the middle being raw, and they stuffed up breakfast)). Business class service was 'closed'. I didn't make a fuss as I was travelling with my mother at the time. I was tired from the New York-LAX trip as no premium economy on that flight, and just wanted to sleep straight away from LAX to Brisbane. I also overhead that flight attendant speaking with one of his work colleagues and discussing my request in a negative manner. Oh well, at least I know next time to eat when everyone else does (reminds me of boarding school), and I also had the ***** seat 26E. In this aspect I preferred the premium economy service on long haul, as I found the sky bed mark 1 really uncomfortable. I'd rather sleep in my swag, at least that has more padding. When Qantas begins to retire some of their older aircraft, hopefully some of the surly cabin crew will go with them. I think I answered my own question, thanks for reading anyhow.
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Not open for further replies.