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Upgrading to Platinum

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Junior Member
Apr 16, 2007
Hi all,

We are currently holding 2 gold cards (1 primary + 1 supplementary). How likely would it be for Citibank to upgrade ours to Platinum and waive our annual fees for life if we tell them we're cancelling our account? We've been with them for nearly 10yrs already and have a perfect credit rating. We're quite disappointed at the lack of recognition of loyalty, i.e., freebies, Citibank has given us.



AFF Supporter
Jun 30, 2002
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My guess is about no chance. I had a platinum card and had been a CB customer for 14 years, but after they reduced my interest free days I canned the card. They only made some half hearted attempts at getting me to stay. Over the years the value of the platinum card has diminished, and I am not sure it offers anything worthwhile over the gold, but maybe there is something in there you want.

I have some vague recollection of getting some freebies over time, but nothing of consequence.
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