Up to 35,000 Velocity points for switching to AGL Energy


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May 23, 2011
Couldn't let QFF have all the fun this week, VA and AGL have announced a partnership today (that currently ends on 30 June 2024).
  • New/moving AGL customers can get up to 35,000 points for connecting their gas and electricity with AGL (and staying with them for 12 months, a part of the reward is held until the first anniversary)
  • Existing AGL customers can get up to 6,000 points for switching to the AGL Velocity offer
Slightly better signup rates than QFF's plans with Red Energy, but no ongoing rewards for paying your bills on time.

Details: AGL
The AGL Velocity promotion page also has a $150 bill credit for new sign-ups. Nothing in the T&Cs mentions it but I assume there’s no double dipping. :p
Looks like a reasonably good deal, for those who don’t have solar panels. Unfortunately the solar feed-in tariff is quite low (although no lower than many other current energy plans).

I need to work out whether this is worth permanently losing the 8c feed-in tariff that I have on my current plan…

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Whilst 20,000 points would be nice, also have to take into account whether the rates are competitive or not.
For myself in Brisbane, 38c/kWh peak, 25.84 shoulder and 24.82 off-peak isn't bad, however only 5c/kWh rebate for solar. TBH I'll be staying with Alinta, however YMMV.
The rates are not bad, better than what I current on have with origin electricity in Vic so will be making the switch.
I recently left AGL because of their poor rates, particularly for solar feed-in, so the points wouldn't entice me to return to them.
tried to do online and there does not seem to be a way - certainly no AGL velocity plan to select and when I selected value saver - it did not ask for velocity number - perhaps email sent before AGL has system up and running...
Well points post approx. 45 days after activation so at most you have to stick around 2 maybe 3 months?

Anyone see any claw back on the $200 credit (NSW)??

Electricity is definitely cheaper than my current rate - but my FIT is 12c vs 7c with this offer.

I have a 10kw inverter so wouldn't move during summer, but in winter when I export less and use more electricity this looks the goods...

Assuming my current plan is available to move back to - it's win/win?
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For me, rates much cheaper than Origin, 20,000 points and a $200 credit, that’s a pretty great deal.
Jumping on this one too. Rates look like being a few $$/month more than I'm currently paying but more than offset via the $150 credit (VIC). No brainer. As others have said, will simply move to whichever provider has the cheapest deal once the points have credited.
I jumped in. Easy small wad of points.
Moved from red energy which got me those 15 or 20k QF points.

I don't worry about the c/kw as it changes so often. The $200 credit will make up for any higher rate I'll be paying.
I think the gas and electricity bonus points is a combined 30k (20k for electricity & 10k for gas - new/ moving customers)

I did it just for the points and then will back to Red Energy or move it to my wifes name
The AGL Velocity promotion page also has a $150 bill credit for new sign-ups. Nothing in the T&Cs mentions it but I assume there’s no double dipping. :p
Rates are a win for me, I’ve joined and it confirmed both the VA points and $150 bill credit, great offer (Vic here).
Just received text message from AGL noting welcoming me to AGL velocity value saver offer, pack on the way in mail & 45 days till velocity points drops.
Not eligible. In NSW but close to Canberra so supplied by ActewAGL. Most of the discounted plans AGL Actew provide are limited to ACT residents only.