Trip report, Star Alliance Round the world in 21 days

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Apr 14, 2007
I'm writing this from an incredibly smoggy LAX, sitting in the executive lounge at the airport Hilton. This morning I flew in from Melbourne on UA840, via Sydney. Unfortunately I wasn't able to upgrade to First as it was full so was stuck with 12H on the upper deck. As usual the service was average, and the age of the Hosties was well above average. This is the sixth time I've taken this flight this year, and amazingly the menu is still the same, the one saving grace was a very nice Argentinian Malbec, although my first choice was the Medoc, which they hadn't bother to load.

Prior to leaving my girlfriend and I spent the night at the Hilton Melbourne Airport, it's nice to relax in the morning ready to fly. The worst part is leaving, I miss her terribly. I must say the service level has dropped at the airport Hilton, a few niggly things.

LAX was rather quiet this morning, and got to my hotel quickly and without fuss, and hit the gym straight away to blow away a few cobwebs.

I'll spend the day working, and try to stay awake long enough to tire myself out good and proper.

Tomorrow morning I'm on UA22 to JFK, and will then have 5 nights in NYC, before heading to Boston.
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Not open for further replies.