Trip Report - QF BNE/SYD/CBR/BNE + Hotel

Discussion in 'Trip Reports and Trip Photos' started by QF WP, Sep 17, 2003.

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  1. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    Date: 06 August 2003 Between: BNE/SYD Sequence = 129
    Airline: Qantas (QF) Flight Number: QF533 Plane Rego: VH-OGN (767/338)
    ETD: 2.10pm ATD: on time

    Check-in/Qantas Club: Arrived at the airport at 1pm and for the first time, was able to use the QuickCheck (as only 2 carry-ons for this trip) as I've been wanted to try it out. Walked through security and up to QC, to the QCheck machines (located just beyond the Reception Desk, opposite the Customer Service Desk and beside the Luggage Racks). Slipped my Plat Card in as shown and once it had read my details, brought up the sector that I was about to travel. It checked my seat preference, then selected 28D for me (the only forward aisle seat left). Was able to scroll through the seating plan to see that indeed it was the best seat left, given I was 129th to check-in. Dropped my bags in the luggage racks an filled up for lunch - servery hhad the usual soup (potato and leek, yum), bread rolls, feta, tomatoes, marinated peppers, crackers etc. Although the bar was open, didn't feel like a HP (how unlike me :wink: ) as I still had work to do.

    Boarding: Call for boarding was at 2pm and as I wanted to get the plane rego, I left straight away. The queue was long at Gate 24 as one o the earlier flights had been cancelled so they had thrown most onto my flight. Was in line when a voice called out my real name and I noticed Pat (who I had worked with at a previous company 15 years ago) on the CS Desk, Gate 24. We briefly chatted until the line was empty, then I boarded.

    F/A's in Y - Elise, Alana, Bebbie and Kelly. Capt didn't make an announcement and didn't get F/O eaither (hate when they mumble into the mic and you can't understand what they say))

    Refreshment Service was served at 2.25pm, my LFML was ham and tomato sandwich (in fingers)and water. Tray collected at 2.55pm. Uneventful flight with touchdown at 3.39pm with long taxi. Docked at Gate 13 and went straight to the trains - made it door-to-door in minutes. Loved not having to stop and collect luggage.

    HOTEL: 4 Points Darling Harbour

    Checking in after meetings in Kent Street was a breeze as the hotel was directly below in Sussex Street. Check-in was uneventful this time (after last check-in 3 weeks ago) and I had been given an SPG floor (Room 920) with King Bed. Beautiful night time views over Darling HArbour. Nice sized Business Desk (which was put to good use that night) and breakfast buffet was again included in the $229 Best Price (from website). Checked out next morning after breakfast (again using front desk, Michelle this time).

    Date: 07 August 2003 Between: SYD/CBR Seat: 5C (Y)
    Airline: Qantas (QF) Flight Number: QF1425 Plane Rego: VH-TQV (Dash 8-100)
    ETD: 1.05pm ATD: 1.10pm

    After meetings this morrning with clients in George Street, left at midday and caught the train from Wynyard arriving at the Dom terminal around 12.30pm. Walked up to Departure Level, straight through Security and up to QC.

    Check-in/Qantas Club: Tried to use the QuickCheck terminal inside East Reception (as CS Desk was empty), but it told me I need assistance (probably due to the 2 flights I'll be on this afternoon), so I walked around to the West CS Desk. There Janet took my FF card and booked me on both flights. Walked back to the Business Centre (based back in the East Wing) and waited to see if I could find Aura a FT poster who was going to try and meet me. However, the flight was called at 12.45pm, allowing me sufficient time only to have some pumpkin soup and bread rolls.

    Boarding: Walked to Gate 15 downstairs and found it overflowing. The previous flight (QF1435, a 737) was runing late and an Asian pax (on the delayed flight) was trying to give his BP to get onto our flight. He was eventually led aside by the CSA and boarding re-commenced. The QF Bus drove us 300m around to the plane sitting on the tarmac. A bit disconcerting to pull up nose-to-nose withthe plane and eyeball the Capt and F/O doing pre-fligt checks on the Flight Deck.

    On-board: Seat 5C has limited viewing, as Row 4 is he over-wing Exit. Row 5 is directly under the wing-mounted engines. Snack Service consisted of 3 sandwich fingers plus water and mini Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar. Trays were served at 1.15pm and cleared at 1.30pm. Service includes 2 tea/coffee runs and buscuits. Not bad for the 1 FA (Joseph). At 1.35pm, the F/O announced that we were cruising at 14K feet, bit bumpy approaching CBR and ETA 2pm due to headwinds. I wanted to see how the area devastated by the bushfires was regenerating but scattered cloud made it difficult. Joseph came around again at 1.45pm with a basket of Minties (a nice touch on Qantas Airlink services, reminicient of Alaskan Airlines service in the US). Touchdown at 1.54pm and after short taxi, arrived at terminal. Alighted onto tarmac and walked into terminal building past luggage collection and straight out to the taxi rank. Even with 5 people in the queue, I was in a taxi by 2.03pm (plenty of time to make my 3pm meeting).

    Date: 07 August 2003 Between: CBR/BNE Seat: 2F (J)
    Airline: Qantas (QF) Flight Number: QF2658 Plane Rego: VH-NJG (BAe 146 AVRO RJ)
    ETD: 6.40pm ATD: 6.44pm

    Check-in/Qantas Club:Tried at the QC ReceptionDesk for an ODU (this flight barely passes my test for using points, but after a busy couple of days, I find that on the last flight home I want to relax) and to my shock it was available (hadn't been earlier in the day, when I checked ITN).

    Boarding: Gate 1 boarding is directly outside the QC, so waited for final call and wandered out. Kate took my BP and my attention...beautiful.

    On-board:Crew were Capt Bill Sycamar and F/O Dave ??, F/A's in J - Tracey (CSD), Kate and Selina. Kate :wink: took my suit and hung it for me (I was already prepared with the BP in the top pocket). It appeared it was my lucky day with nobody seated next to me. Took the proffered OJ and settled into the seat. Nice....yup, I can take this (but very old config and chairs worn, but I'm on my way home...who cares)

    We pushed back at 6.44pm and after a 5 min taxi, took off at 6.49pm. at 6.55pm, Tracey took the drink orders , for a change I chose Bourbon and Tonic. At 7pm, Capt announced that we'd cruise at 20K feet, the weather en-route was choppy with expected ETA of 8.25pm. Flight path took us over Yass, Mudgee, Tamworth, Gold Coast and into Brisbane.

    At 7.05m, dinner was served. Only meal choice was chicken breast wrapped in bason strip with rice, mushroom and a tomato-based sauce. Warmed bread roll and rocket lettuce salad with a Paton choc-dipped Macadamia Nut (kept for my fiancee). Champagne served was Edward & Caffrey Section 353 1998 Pinor Noir Chardonnay, the Red Wine was a Kirralee 2001 Bushvine Shiraz and the White Wine was an Andrew Harris 2002 Reserve Chardonnay.

    Trays were collected at 7.30pm, which gave me time to relax, have my drink refilled a couple of times and read the Fin Review. Kate came past at 8pm with some Mentos Mints after the Capt or F/O (??) had briefed us on the arrivel info just prior to throttling down and begining descent.

    After chatting to the FA's during the flight, Tracey presented me with a bottle of the Kirralee for my fiancee (heh, it does work to be nice!) - was I going to knock it back (well, only with my fiancee!).

    Landed at 8.18pm, taxied and saw VH-SBT (I think) leaving as we approached. Disembarked onto the tarmac outside Gate 17 at 8.23pm and waiting inside was my fiancee....

  2. kpc

    kpc Senior Member

    Mar 11, 2003
  3. thadocta

    thadocta Active Member

    KPC, are you sure that the service desk was closed? There are two at SYD T3 remember, and whilst one of them is often closed, the other is normally open.

    As for selecting a forward aisle seat, I must concur, but for totally different reasons. I have usually been in the QC for at least an hour before hand, and have consumed copious amounts of Hahn Premium. Forward aisle is somewhat close to the loo, and when one has to go, one has to go. :oops:

  4. dajop

    dajop Senior Member

    Jul 1, 2002
    Flight Map:
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    Good thing about quick check is the seat map. Whilst like you all I have forward aisle in my profile, I quite enjoy a window seat - on flights of <2hrs - in 767's, Dash 8's & LHS of 717's. On 737's & 747's I much rather have my aisle seat, (... unless in exit row...)
  5. QF WP


    Jun 20, 2002
    Flight Map:
    View my flight map
    Well, wait no longer I'm compiling chapter 1 now...will be posted later tonight here. I'll be putting it onto FT as well as Mileage Runner (with the photo's).

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