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Transferring reward points Star Alliance or One World

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Junior Member
Jan 18, 2004
I use Westpac Altitude VISA as my major credit card, am a member of QFF program (One World) also Lufthansa Miles & More (got points flying to Europe last year) and have joined Singapore's Krisflyer (to cover flights to Turkey in May).

It appears that the Altitude card can convert to QFF - no problem there, but we would have to join either Air NZ (fee charged) or Malaysian (free last time I looked) to take advantage of the Star Alliance option - and transfer my Lufthansa/Singapore points to consolidate all and redeem flights.:confused:

We are thinking of going to Langkawi later in the year, so Malaysian (using the Westpac Altitude points) could be an option but how easy is it to get the Lufthansa and Singapore points across.

I don't really want to lose the points (Europe return twice X two people) if I can avoid it.

We have only used QFF for previous flights, and changed to Altitude to cover both airline groups.

I'd really appreciate your suggestions and help because I am a novice at this.

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Kiwi Flyer

Senior Member
Sep 24, 2004
You can't transfer points from Miles and More or Kris Flyer.

If you already have a lot of points on Miles and More then I suggest you credit your upcoming trip to them to keep all the points together where they will be more use than spread over multiple programs. (I am assuming your flights on Singapore Airlines are not booked in a super discounted non-mileage earning booking class.) Or depending on how many points you already have and what you wish to use them it may be better to credit elsewhere (Miles & More is good if you fly paid first or business class or a lot of intra-europe flights, but otherwise not very good).

Malaysian is not part of Star Alliance.
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