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Discussion in 'Travel Insider Tips' started by Febs, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Febs

    Febs Established Member

    Aug 15, 2006
    Hi all,

    I'm sure this isn't news for most of you, but it may help some.

    My girlfriend is in Frankfurt at the moment, and had a flight booked from FRA to LHR on 28/2 with BA. She wanted to change it to 24/2 (same flight, same time, different date), and rang BA. They told her fare class (S) was full for the entire period 24/2 to 28/2, and that she'd have to pay:
    • ~$250AUD to upgrade her fare class (presumably to a full economy fare), AND
    • ~$100AUD to make the change
    She was pretty annoyed. I suggested she call Qantas (in Australia), as according to the conditions on the Qantas site, she should be able to change it without penalty (remembering it was just a simple date change).

    She rang Qantas (in Germany instead), and in under 60 seconds had her flight changed to 24/2 - no charge. :)

    As I said - probably not news to anyone, but it might help some save a bit of money.

    - Febs.

    PS: She originally tried to get the travel agent to do it, but they said she had to sort it out herself.

  2. Dave Noble

    Dave Noble Senior Member

    Oct 10, 2005

    Assuming that this is a QF ticket ( e.g. SYD-FRA-LHR) To be fair to BA, the fare rules do state on a lot of QF tickets that date/time changes do cost $100 though I have come across that Qf have an unpublished rule on some of them to allow 1 change free of charge

    Also, if S class was full, then it is correct that there is a need to pay a fare difference to get to a higher class and $250 would not be the difference to Y. The availability of S class on BA can well be different from country to country, so although FRA may well be correct that S is full as far as FRA reservations are concerned, Australia may well be showing a different availability

    As you found, it can def be worth checking both the operating carrier and the issuing carrier in this case to find which is cheapest. Can make a huge difference in overall costs


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