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The view from my "office"


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2006
My Map
My current office in CAI..... one my team members here sorted meet & greet service for me. Whisked into a BMW straight off the plane and off to a separate building. Private arrival security screening done .. of sorts. Passport taken. USD taken (for Visa on arrival). Baggage receipt taken.

I have my USD change..... just waiting on my bag and passport and hopefully entry into the country. No idea what's going on, but I'm told it just works! ;) :D

A shot of the River Nile coming into land, too. Passed over some mountains somewhere in Europe too, not sure where as no map.

A lot of people were complaining on the flight over. It was an A321 NEO (not A320 NEO as I said before), was supposed to be a 787 apparently. The A320/321 NEO seats are super thin and have no recline. There was also no hot meals and no IFE so people were somewhat irate.... I didn't really care!
2019-07-17 19.06.09.jpg
2019-07-17 22.17.31.jpg
2019-07-17 22.23.39.jpg
2019-07-17 23.44.47.jpg
2019-07-17 23.48.58.jpg
2019-07-18 00.14.21.jpg


Established Member
Aug 24, 2006
Do tell?

At least you're not driving one of these..!

The view from my Cairo office.

Another shot from the journey in, some fascinating cars here...
As posted on the chitchat thread.

Well, that wasn't good, went to the shakedown, hadn't even taken a photo as I was changing lenses, I was facing away from the road to protect the camera from rain drops, I heard a noise, looked up and behind me a car had gone off the road hitting spectators. One very serious, 3 or 4 others with serious injuries and several others with less threatening injuries. It Happened less than 30 metres from me.
It was tarmac and it had rained a little, so it was a little slippery, the driver probably had cold tyres as it was near the start.
5 ambulances, 4 fire trucks and 3 helicopters arrived in quick succession.
Of course the stage was stopped.

Times like this makes you realise how quickly things can change, I feel for the driver/codriver, the injured of course, hopefully things turn out ok. :(


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2006
My Map
A sunset viewed from the Conrad Cairo. Disappeared into the haze in the end..... yes, that's another Hilton on the other side of the River Nile ;)
2019-07-19 17.53.00.jpg
2019-07-19 18.27.10.jpg
2019-07-19 18.37.59.jpg
2019-07-19 18.42.16.jpg
2019-07-19 18.47.03.jpg
2019-07-19 18.49.05.jpg

I can't really say I recommend the Conrad, it's fairly dated, the rooms have a bit of a stale smoke smell (I have tried multiple rooms, I've just given up now!) even on supposed non-smoking floors and the breakfast buffet whilst adequate, is far below even many Hilton hotels I've stayed in!

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