The view from my "office"

Northern Svalbard around 7:30pm tonight. This view from my “office” had the restaurants emptying fast as we stampeded out to grab jackets and binoculars!

For some unknown reason the polar bear photo won’t show up, so here is a bearded seal seen this afternoon as well as three Beluga whales. Really, they are! Plus a calf.



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The office for the next 3 nights. HGI Darwin.

The old Travelodge, I think. The big place next door, now also a Hilton, was built when I was living there by some Japanese mob. I lived about a block away, and sake highballs were a feature of Friday evening sundowners! Had a very pleasant 3 years in Darwin in the late '80s.
We stayed here in 1988. We were at the Sheraton then.
This evenings office was at Wharf 0ne at the Darwin waterfront.

Plus F15s flying over. Too quick for me but the helicopters were slower.

Great place for dinner.

I thought I had more photos.


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Frankfurt office.
Thought it was going to be a quiet Sunday, but Euro 2024 happening, the locals,were playing Switzerland. Police everywhere but they were well behaved.
Then a fire under our hotel. Fun walking the 6 flights of stairs a couple of times.


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F15s? Who is in town with them? Singapore Airforce perhaps?
Sorry actually F16s which arrived today, the F15s come later. There was also a Singaporean a330 MRTT plus US and australian ones as well all lined up when we arrived. They took off whilst we were getting our luggage and rental car. A real noise.

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