The death of [M]RRP


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May 17, 2009
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I just noticed that an Endeavour marketplace deal for a Vinomofo grey import wine at their claimed/inflated RRP was available with "sold and delivered via Vinomofo" buried in small text.

I wonder if they would actually sell and deliver via this channel at the higher RRP?

If they did, any RRP claims could be whatever they want as long as they actually made them available (nominally) via this channel. Thus re-enters the "marketplace" of fake RRPs previously spruked by Westfield and Catch.

As always, beware of claims of huge % discounts, especially on imported wine, which may never be sold in this market (or any other) at the nominal RRP.

That doesn't mean the wine they are offering is anything bad, in fact its probaly quite good, but you are buying it a "fair market price" - not a XX% massive discount deal.

Yes you really need to wonder who actually pays list price for wines in Australia with our huge over supply at the moment.
Qantas Wine has a special on at the moment for a parituflar wine for $270 for 6 and $45 per bottle....large box retailer has the same wine for $31 per bottle .... wut????
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Ok @Cruiser Elite I am guessing you needed a toaster so I will await from Sandgroperland.
There is an auction this week in Perth of four recent Penfolds 707 so I might go to that one.
Ok @Cruiser Elite I am guessing you needed a toaster so I will await from Sandgroperland.
@Cruiser Elite pls share far & wide :)
I totally ignore inflated RRP on always "on sale" products.

Harris Scarfe is a classic example, $1000 saucepan set with a $500 sticker with a further 60% off.

When it comes to wine with big RRP ($100+), unless it's a well established wine (ie can google and the big stores are selling it at RRP) then I naturally assume it's garbage export product.

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