the better Sydney Properties having great free spa (sauna, steam, pool)

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Sep 10, 2012
it is funny .. My wife always wants to stay at Sheraton on the Park when staying in Sydney ..and I realise why.. They have decent (compared to other Syd properties) complimentary sauna, steam room and pool with awesome view (and doors that open to allow fresh air (hint hint intercon Syd hot claustrophobic pool) as well as an okay hot tub. Pullman Hyde park Sydney ain't bad and Weston has that club which has good workout and steam ..small pool. What other properties do you folks rate highly in Syd for these complimentary services I.e pool, sauna, steam etc. Travelling in Norway and Denmark was such a treat and Iceland as they tended to focus highly in these areas (as did South Korea). I do appreciate it is warm Australia but this time of year a good sauna and steam is well advised!..

Favourites in Sydney anyone?
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