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  • hi - did you send this to the right person?

    and yes ...it is hard to get a USD credit card from the Usa ...i have canadian cards (an IHG one in fact) because I have citizenship ..but would love to get my hands on some USD$ cards!
    Hi Keith,

    You recently responded to a message of mine asking if it's possible to get the Chase US credit card (with IHG reward points) while living in Australia. Thanks for getting back to me with an answer. I've been trying to locate that message on the AFF page to respond with a 'Thanks, got it." I'm new to this forum and literally a babe in the woods. But at least I found you here - at last! It's a pity I can't get the card & its points but at least I'm not searching the net for ways in any more. All the best, GypsyKate
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