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The Best Option for Double Transfer of Points?

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Junior Member
Aug 11, 2004
Does anyone have a particular recommendation as to the best strategy for transferring American Express Membership Rewards points, or Diners Club points to airline or hotel points programs?

Both Amex and Diners points convert/transfer into Qantas Frequent Flyer points on a one to one basis.

I'm currently of the belief that a transfer of either Amex or Diners points to Starwood Preferred Guest points is a worthy option; with Diners Club the conversion rate is only half (120,000 Diner Club points equals 60,000 Starwood Preferred Guest points), but these can then be redeemed for SPG's "Nights and Flights" promotion, whereby you get 50,000 airline miles, and five free nights at a Category 3 Starwood property. With Amex, it takes 180,000 points for the same.

Diners also converts into Marriott Rewards or Hilton HHonors points on the same 2 points for 1 basis as with SPG, but I haven't done a comparison of what a "double transfer" from Diners to MR or Hh would then provide in terms of award redemption capabilities when using either Marriott or HHonors points for airline points and hotel nights such as are offered by Starwood.

Given the recent changes to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program, and the well documented diminution of points, I think it's probably best to transfer Amex and/or Diner points into any program other than Qantas, but would really appreciate member feedback on this subject...!


Active Member
Jan 29, 2005

To answer your question, I have absolutely no idea, though I'm sure others can help. Detailed questions like this often elicit informed responses.

Welcome to AFF.


Jun 20, 2002
LT Silver
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Yes, Amex Membership Rewards transfer easily into QFF program (I've done it a couple of times), but I don't have a DC card so can't answer those questions.

Never transferred Amex to Starwood (I'm sure somebody here will have); but have transferred Starwoo to QFF. Transfer a block of 20K points and they transfer at 4:5 (threfore you get 25,000 QFF points). I've done this twice, the most recent 18 month ago. About to hit the magical 20K points again, so will be looking to transfer.

I suppose transferring them betweeen programs is all about where you think you'll either be able to use thm or get the "best value" - for everyone, that's going to be a different calculation.

Hope this half answer help, CDS1959. I second Blacknox's welcome to AFF.
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