Telstra Plus Try Redeem points 🤬


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Jan 23, 2005
First attempt!!!!!

Was seeking Pixel 8 Pro 512Gb for best price.....
Telstra had their Telstra Plus points and pay option that BF price started a week early and did not change Black Friday and I don't believe will change for Cyber Monday but ends Monday midnight. Rang Telstra Thursday and informed.
Factoring in some points expiring and they did not want Amazon gift cards....

The deal clearly shows on Telstra Reward "without" logging in 101,400points $1320 for Black 512GB.
It goes to 110,100K to reduce to $1296

Logged into account and had 108K in points but when attempting to match offer it was showing 102,900 and pay $1416
Rang Telstra, 35 minutes on hold, Perth guy, seeking account info/DOB and had to explain wanted him to check website page offer exists first.
Then goes into account and gets the correct info as per offer outside account, cannot accept CC payment.
Emailed screen shots to Telstra as could not understand how could be different...
Tried two different computers at home and same incorrect info.
Telstra logged issue and told 72hr followup.....asked for priority as Black Friday ends by then.
Told to go to local store to fix issue?
No call or email within 12hrs.
Local store and they were able to see in account, correct points and pay.
Paid for phone but none in store stock. The Citi Premier card have price beat/screen protection still?
No receipt given as told will be emailed and hardcopy with goods...needed drivers license for delivery?

So $350 for extra 256GB compared to the Optus deal.
Already on Telstra so the $1100 gift card via JB-hifi not an option.
Thoughts better deal on offer?

MOD: Closed thread to Telstra Plus.... can you reopen or create a new thread to discuss?
My only thought is I would have paid the $1416 if it was still a good offer as I value my time too much!! It looks as though it cost you close to a day (and much angst) which is too much for me. Sorry I cant be more specific
Just an update.... received email asking for driver's licence as not matching Telstra system.
Thought scam.
Went to Telstra store, told looks like scam.
Rang Telstra and told real and to complete.
Driver's licence number same but renewed last year.
Completed link and informed successful even though same info given.
Told by Telstra on phone that phone should arrive before end of week.
Still no confirmation email receipt 🤷‍♂️
Try JBHIFI as your TLS outlet.
They are authorised, can go into plan and provide excellent advice all the products needed.
After setting up my new iphone this way earlier this year - last week I got a backup TLS data plan with5G modem which she arranged to share data from my existing phone plan. She set up the SIM, answered all my Q’s and price matched the exact model I had researched to buy from TLS.
(I live coastal, no nbn and Optus tower on adjacent property so get excellent mobile bb but wanted a backup after OptusGate1.0).
So after 10+ hrs each( two people) on the phone to Telstra support, compliants departments and CEO complaints department finally got phone at Black Friday discount rate..... currently told as compensation no ponts to be deducted from account. Oh and got it via associate JBHIFI store as no stock in Telstra store!
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